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January 31-February 4

Happy Catholic Schools Week! This week we celebrated the joys of attending a Catholic school. Each day there was a special dress up opportunity like favorite book or movie character day, crazy dress day, school spirit day, color day and fancy day. There was also a special activity every day. On Monday, we watched the movie Encanto at the Hollywood Movie Theater. On Tuesday, we went on a scavenger hunt around the school. On Wednesday, we went roller skating at the Skatin’ Place in St. Cloud. On Thursday, we spent some time playing games from home with our friends. On Friday, we played BINGO with Mrs. Lingen! Thanks to everyone who helped make our week so special.


Happy Catholic School Week! This week we are celebrating Catholic Schools. This is a national event and Catholic schools all over are doing special things to show pride and support their school. Today was Character and movie day. We got to dress up like our favorite book or movie character.

Our morning started with our normal routine. After flag, we move right into reading. First, we were also introduced to a new letter and letter sound, Uu. After watching our video and identifying words that began with the short u sound, we completed our letter Uu sorting worksheet. Some friends worked on reading stations while others worked on a writing project. We had to write about our favorite thing about the School of St. Philip. We met with Ms. Torborg to do our writing. If we didn’t get a chance today, we will do it tomorrow or Wednesday.

After recess, we completed calendar. Then changed out our calendar pages because tomorrow is the first day of February. When everyone was done, we packed up our backpacks. It wasn’t time to head home quite yet.

After lunch, we headed to the Hollywood Theater. We spent our afternoon enjoying popcorn and the movie, Encanto.


Today was crazy dress day and we sure had some wacky outfits.

We started our morning with the writing project we started yesterday, our favorite things about the School of St. Philip. Those people who weren’t working on their writing completed reading stations.

Before snack, we went on a scavenger hunt. We started with a clue in our classroom. Ms. Torborg read it to us. We had to work together to try to figure out where our next clue might be. We had to do this for each clue until we found our prize, a rainbow colored pencil.

In the afternoon, we were introduced to our two new sight words, has & are. Then we read through our new emergent reader, Winter Clothes. We also completed our sight word worksheets.

In religion, we wrapped up our discussion of baptism. First, we reviewed some of the things we know. Then we watched the Brother Francis video, Born into the Kingdom: the Miracle of Baptism.


Today was School Spirit Day. We dressed up in our St. Philip’s gear to show our school spirit. It was also field trip day. We spent most of the day at the Skatin’ Place. We enjoyed learning to roller skate. We might be a little sore tomorrow with how many times some of us fell. It is a good thing that we had “Skate Trainers” to help us out. After enjoying a lunch, we could play in the fun zone where there were 3 different big inflatables. There was a giant slide, an obstacle course, and a maze.


Our class was blue today. Today was color day and the kindergarten color was blue!

In reading, watched a letter Uu video and identified word that began with a short or long u sound. Then we completed our letter Uu worksheet. We also illustrated our writing paper we did at the beginning of the week. Finally, Ms. Torborg taught us a new game, 4 in a row. We had to try to cover 4 words in a row by rolling a dice and reading words. It was the class against Ms. Torborg. Ms. Torborg won the both games.

In math, we were introduced to the equal sign (two lines: one on top of the other). Together we made several different examples of equal groups (ie. 2 square = the number 2, 3 red blocks and 3 blue blocks = 6 in a tens frame, etc….). We listened to the story, Equal Shmequal. The animals in the story wanted to play tug of war. First they tried to have the same number of animals on each side, but it wasn’t equal because one side had small animals and the other side had large animals. We found out that equal doesn’t always mean the same number. Then they tried to divide the animals several different ways. Finally they used the teeter totter like a pan balance and made the two sides equal. They tried playing tug war again this time with equal teams. Then we worked on solving some, some more number stories. First, we had to draw a picture. Then we used our equal sign and wrote our answer.

Our special activity today was board games. We spent an hour playing board games after lunch! Plus we had a special treat, popcorn.

In religion, we talked about St. John Bosco. His feast day is January 31st. St John Bosco is the patron saint of the youth. He is known as the apostle of the youth because he spent his life caring for young boys and girls. He not only took care of homeless children, he taught them useful skills as he told them about God. We colored his picture in our saint books and watch a short video about his life.


Today was dress up day. Everyone dressed up in their finest clothes. We sure have a handsome class.

In the morning, we had specials and we completed our calendar binder.

After lunch, we played BINGO! Mrs. Lingen called the numbers over Zoom. If we got a bingo, we were able to pick a prize out from the table in the Assembly Room. The best part was everyone won a prize!

After library, Ms. Torborg introduced us to a new language: code. We started by assigning a number to an action. One means clap, two mean stomp, three means flap, and four means jump. When we heard the code, we had to do it. When we heard 1 2, we knew we had to clap then stomp. Once we got good at following the code, Ms. Torborg got the BeeBots out. Next, she showed us some of the fun things they could do. Finally, we got a chance to work with them. Our job was to make the BeeBot go from the starting square to a specific color using his code. First, we laid out the route using arrows. Then we had to write our code down on our programming chart. Next, we had to tell Bee “the code” using buttons on his back. Finally, we could press go and see what happened. The BeeBot do exactly what we tell it to do. If the Beebot made it. We could pick a different color and start over. If it didn’t make it, we had to figure out what went wrong and fix it. After working together as a whole class, we broke up into small groups to work on it. We had fun trying out different routes for the bee to take.

We ended our day by making Thank You cards for our parents for sending us to this special school!


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