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May 2-6

This week was Teddy Bear week. Our Teddy Bears joined us for a week of school. There were teddy bears all over our classroom- big ones and small, brown ones and black. They helped us with our reading and math work along with joining us during free play time. Throughout the week, we wrote about our bears, did some gummy bear math and science, and gave our bears a ride on the parachute. We also watched a few Berenstain Bear videos about manners and kindness.


We started reading time by reviewing all of our sight words. Then we were introduced to two new sight word, get & when. After using our words in a sentence, we completed our sight word worksheets.

In math, we were introduced to a new game, Addition Top-It. We started by reviewing the directions for Top-It (which is like War) since it has been a long time since we played it. Addition Top-It is like regular Top-It except you flip over 2 cards and add them together to get your number. After playing together as a whole group, we broke into partners and played together.

After recess, we started our Spring NWEA (standardized) testing. We took the Reading test. It measured things like Foundational Skills, Language & Writing, Literature & Informational, and Vocabulary Use and Functions.

In the afternoon, we completed our calendar binder and then worked on some things for graduation. First, we practiced our songs and actions. Then we worked on coloring our invitations for our family and friends.


Today is the feast of St. Philip the Apostle. In religion, we talked about St. Philip and all the Apostles. Then we watched a video about St. Philip.

In reading, we completed a is/has/can worksheet about our teddy bears. We had to write down at least 4 different things about our bears for each category. We could use our imagination to complete the can section. Since we were writing a list, we didn’t have to worry about complete sentences. We also reviewed the th, ch, & sh digraphs and then completing a beginning sound digraph sorting worksheet.

After recess, we completed our spring NWEA test. This time we took the Mathematics test. It measures things like Operations & Algebraic Thing, Numbers & Operations, Measurement & Data, and Geometry.

In the afternoon, we completed our calendar binder and then worked on some things for graduation. First, we practiced our songs and actions. Then we worked on coloring our invitations for our family and friends.


In reading, we worked on a writing project about our Teddy Bears. First, we had to list some of its characteristic likes its name, age, length, and color. Then we had to write about why we love our teddy bear or what makes it special. Then we drew a picture of our teddy bear on an adventure with use. Finally, we added a little picture of us holding our teddy bear. We also reviewed compound words. After trying to guess several different compound words from picture combinations, we completed a compound word worksheet.

In math, we reviewed function machines and then completed a function machine worksheet. We also reviewed number bonds and completed a number bond worksheet.

In the afternoon, we practiced our songs for our graduation and worked on our invitations.


In reading, we reviewed the th, ch, & sh digraphs and then completed a ending sound digraph sorting worksheet. Plus we completed a characters and setting sorting worksheet.

In math, we had to complete a packet of worksheet using a bag of gummy bears. We started with a little estimating and counting. Then we sorted them into colors. Next we created a tally mark chart and a graph from our color information. Then we created pattern using our gummy bears. We made an AAB, ABB, ABC, AABC, and AABA. We found the AABA pattern the hardest because it end with the same color as it begins with. Finally we did some measuring with our gummy bears. We stated by measuring specific items like our pencil box and scissor. Then we had to find objects that measured a specific length like 5 gummy bears. We also started a science experiment. We each made a guess of what will happen to a gummy bear that is placed in a cup of water over night. After recording our guess, we recorded what our gummy bear looked like before being placed in the water including the height and the width.

In religion, we heard the story of when Jesus performed his first miracle changing water into wine. Now we can tell you several different stories of Jesus helping other people.


Today we honored Mary by crowning her a queen. Mass started with a special procession by the 2nd graders and the 5th graders tell us about Mary and her life. Finally, Jack in 5th grade put a special crown on the statue of Mary and the 2nd graders added flowers to a vase.

We finished our science experiment. Before we took our gummy bear out of the water, we each made a visual observation. We noticed that the gummy bear looked much bigger. After we took it out of the water, we compared it to a normal gummy bigger. It looked a lot bigger. Then we measured it to support our visual facts. We recorded all of our information on our paper.

We ended our day by watching a Berenstain Bear movie about the “gimmies” with our bears and then taking them outside to give them a ride on the parachute and down the slide


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