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Kindergarten School Supply List

1-back pack (Please, no single strap bags.)

1-pencil box (5 X 7) for pencils, crayons, etc

3-box 24 crayons (no larger boxes please)

5-#2 pencils (sharpened please)

1-large pencil eraser

8-glue sticks

1-large bottles glue (not gel)

1-child’s safety scissors

2-folders with pockets on the bottom

1-spiral wide lined notebook

1-1 inch three-ring binder

1-set of watercolor paints 

1-paint smock or shirt (large old t-shirt)

1-large box of Kleenex

1-container baby wipes

1-pkg of napkins

1-set headphones (no ear buds)

Gym shoes (no scuff sole)

Choose two of the following:

  -1 roll of paper towels

  -1 pkg white, large or small paper plates

  -1 pkg ziploc quart or gallon bags

  -1 pkg dixie cups

  -1 pkg spoons

Extra Clothes: Please keep an extra set of clothing (pants, shirt, underwear, socks) inside a zip-lock bag in your child's backpack in case of an accident.  Remember that accidents can include spilled milk or mud puddles on the playground.  When accidents happen, we’ll be ready.

Please do not mark items with Child's name.  Many of our items are community items.  We will mark individual items in class.

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