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February 14-18

February is Dental Health month. This week we learned all about healthy, happy teeth. We started our week with learning about the different kinds of teeth and their jobs. We found out from Dr. Rabbit in the movie The Legend of the Tooth Kingdom the right way to brush our teeth and the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day. We also completed two different writing projects. On the first one, we wrote the step by step directions for brushing your teeth. Our second project was to complete an application for the job of the Tooth Fairy. We had to answer some important questions like why do you want to be the Tooth Fairy? We ended the week by practicing our brushing and flossing skills.


In reading, we listened to the story, Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink. Throughout the story, we made predictions about what we think will happen. We also identified the characters, setting, problem and solution of the story. We were also introduced to our new letter and letter sounds, Ww. After watching the video, we sang our Herman the Worm song. Today he could only eat things that started with the /w/. Then we completed our letter sorting worksheet. Finally, we each got a chance to share our Valentine box. We each took a turn to tell about how we made our box and then answer questions from our classmates.

After lunch, we spent sometime with our 5th grade buddies. We watched a Berenstain Bears Valentine movie and we played heads up seven up.

After lunch, it was finally time to pass out our Valentines and celebrate. After passing our treats out to our classmates, we shared one with our 5th grade buddy. As a class, enjoyed playing heart on the balloon, creating a valentine monster book marker, and an extra snack! We also watched a short video as we colored St. Valentine in our Saint book.


February is Dental Health month. This week we are learning about dental health (our teeth and how to take care of them). Today we explored our teeth. We have three different kinds of teeth, incisors, canine, and molars, and each one has a different job. Then we created a model of our teeth to help us see where each kind is located. Next, we read the story, My Bright Smile, I Know What To Do! It helped us identify what we should do to keep our teeth clean and healthy. We also read the story Dr. Rabbit and the Tooth Defenders: How It All Started and Chompers: Loose in Tooth City. Then we watched a short movie with the Tooth Defenders. We found out the importance of brushing our teeth and the right way to do it. Finally, we practiced brushing the model of teeth we made. We used a real toothbrush and followed the chart.

In reading, we were introduced to our two new sight words, his & had. Then we complete our sight word worksheets. We were also introduced to singular possessives or ‘s. When we see this symbol, we know that someone owns something. We were able to identify several different items in our room with our name on them and an ‘s. Then we read through our new emergent reader, Teeth.


In reading, Ms. Torborg read us three different books, All About Teeth, Taking Care of My Teeth, and Brushing Teeth. At the beginning of each book was a table of content. This is a clue that the story inside is nonfiction. A table of content helps locate information inside the book. As we listened to the stories, we were able to list several different facts from the stories, including our different kinds of teeth and how many teeth we have. Then we created another class book. We had to write step by step directions for brushing your teeth. We had to think how we do this simple task and then break it down into 4 steps.

We started our math lesson by reviewing the primary shapes. Then we used the shape cards to create new shapes ei… Two triangle together create a square, two small triangles create a large triangle, and so on. To complete some of the shapes, we had to use flips, turns, and slides. After that we created pictures using different shape pieces. First, we tried to build a specific object according to a picture with the outline of each shape. Then we had to build a different shapes without the specific pieces outlined.

In religion, we talked about our neighbors and community. We identified people in our community who help us. On our worksheets, we traced different paths around a community locating different places we can find in our community. We also colored different community members and said a special prayer for them.


Today in reading, we examined the job of the tooth fairy. We started by listening to the story, What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Our Teeth? We determined that this was a fantasy book. We heard many different ways the tooth fairy might use the teeth they collect. Then we tried to come up with our own ideas of what the tooth fairy might do with our teeth. We also listened to the story, So You Think It Is Easy Being the Tooth Fairy? We talked about what the tooth fairy has to do and how she does it. Next, we applied for the job of the tooth fairy. We had to write about why would you be a good tooth fairy. Finally, we worked on illustrating our writing from yesterday. We had to draw a picture for each of the steps on How to Brush Your Teeth.

We also completed an art project today. We made a tooth fairy. Some parts of our fairy we had to just cut out and other parts we had to trace before we could cut them out. There were even a couple of pieces we had to create all on our own. Once everything was cut out, we had to put it together on our own without looking at a picture. We added them to our writing project from yesterday.

In math, we were introduced to 3-D shapes. A 3-dimensional shape is something that has more than 2 sides. A circle, square, triangle, and rectangle are flat. A sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, and rectangular prism have lots of sides. During math, we looked at each of theses shapes and then found something special about each one. We ended math with a new game, Hundreds Game. The goal was to get the hundred block. Our game board looked just like one of our calendar activities with a ones, tens, and hundreds column. Using the Denn’s blocks (ones, tens, and hundred blocks), we tried be the first person to get the hundred block. You start by rolling a dice and taking that many single blocks (cubes). When you have 10 cubes, you can trade in for 1 ten block (a long). When you have 10 ten longs, you can trade it in for a 100 block.

In religion, we learned about St. Anne. Anne was Mary’s mother and Jesus’s grandmother. We found out that Anne continued to pray even when she felt like God was not listening. Her special feast day is in the summer, July 26th. We watched a short video about her life as we colored her picture in our saint book.


This week we have been talking about healthy teeth. Today we put some of our knowledge to the test with a little experiment. We taste tested different kinds of toothpaste. We tried 4 different store bought flavors- mint, sparkle fun, bubble berry, and bubble gum. After each new flavor we made a graph of the kind we liked best. Bubble gum flavored won out hands down. After experimenting with toothpaste, we practiced flossing. We pretended our fingers were our teeth. One person had “plaque” all over their hands (shaving cream). Their partner used a string to get rid of the plaque. Then we switched spots.

In the afternoon, we worked with the BeeBots. Our mats today were different from last time. This time they were 4 squares by 3 squares. After reviewing the rules of using the BeeBots, we were got started. We had to draw a color card and write a code to get the BeeBot from start to our color. After we found one route that worked, we had to try to find another way before we could pick a new color.


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