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January 16-20

Did you know there are 17 different kinds of penguins? The shortest penguin is about the size of our backpack and the tallest penguin is about three backpacks. This week the kindergartners learned all about the penguin from their size and species to what they like to do for fun. We found out that penguins move by waddling, hopping, tobogganing, swimming, diving, and surfing. They eat fish and krill for lunch. And not all penguins live where it is really cold, some live where it is warm. This week we discovered the difference between facts and opinions and completed several can/have/are charts. Then we completed a class book full of penguin facts. We also spent some time this week taking the NWEA standardized test for winter. We are halfway through the school year and this test will provide our teachers with valuable information about what we know and still need to learn.

Ball Words is our new self-paced sight word program based on the Dolch Word Mastery Lists. Each list is a group of 20 sight words. There are 11 sets of words. Students have the opportunity to learn up to 220 words this year. Each set of words is placed on a different type of ball or sports equipment. The first set of ball words are what we call Baseball Words. Students will work on this set until they can read them easily for me. When they have done this successfully, they receive a Baseball Word Champ Certificate and a new list of ball words to master. Please work on them at home as we continue to work on them at school.


No School



Reviewed Fiction and Nonfiction

watched two video clips - identified if they were fiction and nonfiction

listened to two stories -identified if they were fiction and nonfiction

Started our Catholic Schools Week Writing Project: What is our favorite thing about the School of St. Philip?

Winter NWEA Reading Test: Foundational Skills, Language & Writing, Literature & Informational, and Vocabulary Use and Functions

One-on-One End of the Quarter Testing: Prayers



Decomposing Numbers - using 2 different color blocks, we had to find all of the ways to create a given number.


Gospel Weekly - Jesus has the Holy Spirit.



Introduced to Facts and Opinions

Watched videos about penguins

Listened to 2 books about penguins

Identified different facts about penguins

Filled out a can/have/are chart together as a class

Catholic Schools Week Writing Project: What is our favorite thing about the School of St. Philip?



Practiced counting by tens

Put together a puzzle by counting by tens

Winter NWEA Reading Test: Numbers & Operations, Algebra, Geometry & Measurement, and Data Analysis.



Introduced to new sight words: but & said

Read our new emergent reader, I Love the Cold!

Listened to the book Penguins & watched a penguin video

Identify facts about penguins

Complete a are/can/have fact sheet- writing 2 sentences for each area





Checked ball word level

Station rotations

Played with Marble Run

Played with Gears

Played with Geomakers

Graphing colored Goldfish

Completed a personal report card






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