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November 7-11

This week the kindergarteners celebrated Veterans Day. We started out the week by describing and defining the special characteristics of a veteran including bravery and patriotism. We explored the different branches of the military comparing how they are alike and different. And we created a class book in which we each wrote a Thank You letter to a veteran. We also examined four different American symbols, the American Flag, the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, and the bald eagle. We also explored the Pledge of Allegiance. Did you know the Pledge of Allegiance was first published in a children’s magazine? The author encouraged all students to say it on Columbus Day to show unity. The teachers liked it so much that it became a tradition. Now we recite it at the beginning of every school day. We also took a closer look at the American flag. We read several books about why it looks the way it does, how it has changed, and how to respect the flag. We enjoyed working together to properly fold the flag and creating a picture of us in a camouflage uniform holding an American Flag. On Friday, we had a special Veterans Day program. Several veterans stopped by to talk with us about their time in the service and why we celebrate Veteran’s Day.



Introduced to the new sight word, and

Read through our new emergent reader, Veteran’s Day.

Introduced to the CH Secret Story.

This week are are learning about American Symbols and Veteran’s Day.

Defined bravery, courageous, patriotic, and veteran.

Talked about the 5 different branches of the military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard) and the National Guard.

Explored the American Flag, the bald eagle, the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell.


Worked on matching a group of objects to a number.

Identifying the number of objects in a pocket and then adding one more or taking one away.

Introduction to the number line


This week is National Vocations Week.

Learned that vocations means God’s call and that God talks to us in our hearts.

Colored Thank you picture for a Veteran.



Explored the difference between words and sentences and completed a sorting worksheet.

Introduced to a spaceman - He helps us leave space between our words.

Discussed what soldiers/veterans do for us.

Listened to the story, Veterans: Heroes from Our Neighborhood.

Created a new class book. We each wrote a Thank you letter to a veteran.


Using the temperature and weather graphs in our calendar binder, we worked on analyzing the data and verbalizing it.

Quick look cards - identifying a group of objects with just a few seconds to look at it


Vocations WeeK; Focused on the role of the priest

Listened to a story about the different things a priest might do every day.

Colored a picture of a priest celebrating Mass.


Created camouflage paper using brown, green, and yellow paint.


We got out of school early today. It was a scheduled early release day.


Listened to two different stories both titled, The Pledge of Allegiance. One helped define the words and the other gave us information its history.

Completed a worked defining the “big” words in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Listened to the story Why Are There Stripes on the American Flag?

Talked about some of the history of the American Flag and what each part stands for

Discussed how to show respect for the flag.

Practiced folding the flag in small groups. We thought that was big until Ms. Torborg brought out a special US flag flew over the Minnesota Capital building. Practiced folding it as a whole class.


Calendar Binder

Colored pictures for the veterans.



Reviewed syllables and completed a sorting worksheet.

Reviewed the characteristics of the American Flag.

Created an American flag out of paper without using our scissors. We were given an outline to help us.


Listened to the story, Sort It Out!

Worked on sorting a group of objects in different ways (size, shape, color, etc..)


Vocations: Religious Life

Discussed Nuns and Monks or Sisters and Brothers - Listened to a story about a princess who gave everything up to become a nun or bride of Christ.


Happy Veteran’s Day! Before lunch we had a short Veterans Day program. Several veterans from the community stopped by to talk to use about their time in the service and why we celebrate Veteran’s Day. We gave them the special Thank You pictures we colored earlier this week.


Reviewed all of the information we have learned about Veterans and American Symbols


Worked on identifying the characteristics of a circle and went on a circle hunt through different magazines.


Created a solider/veteran using the camouflage paper we made and added the flag we created.


Attended Mass


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