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November 28-December 2

Mmmm.... our Kindergarten classroom smelled wonderful all week. We started our week with gingerbread. We read several different stories about a gingerbread man. We compared and contrasted each of the stories with the original story. We also created a gingerbread class book, completed a gingerbread science experiment, and did some graphing and patterning activities. Gingerbread week wouldn’t be complete without trying different kinds of gingerbread including Gingerbread cookies and cake. Finally, we made gingerbread ornaments out of applesauce and cinnamon. They made our room smell really good. We have to let them dry for several days. Then we will decorate them with some glitter glue. We ended our week with an all day Advent Retreat at the church.



Introduced to 3 new secret stories:

Babysitter Vowels - when Mommy E leaves sometimes she will put a babysitter vowel in charge to make the vowel say its name

Two Vowels Go A-Walkin’- the first one always says its name and the second one is quiet

OU/OW - they play really rough together and someone always gets hurt and yells “owwww”. If they see superhero o, they stop and shout his name “ooooo”.

Reviewed our sight word

Introduced to 3 new sight words: he, she, & little

Reading through our new emergent reader, The Little Cookie

Compared and contrasted two stories with the same name, The Gingerbread Man

Completed a story elements worksheet

Gingerbread Science Experiment: What happens when a gingerbread man gets wet?


Created a graph of the first bite of a gingerbread man - analyzed the data

Created a group from a bowl of pattern pieces


Opened our first Advent Book, No Room at the Inn

The Day of Advent with Brother Francis - the Power of Prayer



Reviewed sight words and reread emergent reader, The Little Cookie

Introduced to a new secret story:

ie: Superhero e doesn’t get to talk when he is with Superhero i unless he bring a bucket of cookies with to keep Superhero i’s mouth full.

ay/ey: They are just too cool when they get together so they stick out their thumbs and say “aaayyy”. Sometimes they pretend to be Superhero e and say “eeee”.

Introduced to the game BANG - played with short a words

Made gingerbread in a cup

Measured the ingredients (3 tbsp mix and 1 tbsp water) and mixed it together

Used different adjectives to describe what we see, smell, feel, and taste



Cut out, assembled, and colored a puzzle counting by tens


Listened to our Advent Book, A Time of Miracles

The Day of Advent with Brother Francis - the Christmas Tree



Completed a an, ag, ad word family sorting worksheet

Listened to the story, Snipp, Snapp, Snurr and the Gingerbread

Made “gingerbread” ornaments out of applesauce and cinnamon

Played with play-doh - rolling the dough and cutting out cookies


Played Ten-Bean Spill

Colored gingerbread patterns


Listened to our Advent Book, Cricket at the Manger

The Day of Advent with Brother Francis - Purple



Introduced to a new secret story:

qu: q doesn’t go anywhere without his friend u

Drew a picture of a gingerbread “item” and then wrote describing words about it

Turn our work into a Gingerbread Class Book


Reviewed the basic shapes and created them on geoboards


Listened to our Advent Book, The Crippled Lamb

The Day of Advent with Brother Francis - Called


Advent Retreat at Church


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