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March 13-17

This week we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! We started the week by examining the rainbow. We found out a rainbow is made when light passes through a prism. The prism breaks the light into different colors. We also found out that water can act like a prism which is why sometimes we see a rainbow when it is raining. We used our imagination as we wrote about what we might find at the end of the rainbow. We also wrote about a person who is worth more than a pot of gold. Finally we looked into the life of St Patrick. After watching a video about his life, we discussed how St. Patrick used the Shamrock to teach people about the trinity. Then we colored a shamrock to remind us of the trinity. On Friday, we had a visit from Lucky the Leprechaun. We found our classroom a mess that morning and a note that he lost his shoes. As we cleaned up the mess, we found his shoes. When we got back from recess his shoes were gone and he left us a treat.



Introduced to our new sight words, as & all

Looked through our new emergent reader for “Secrets”

Read through our emergent reader, Looking for Gold

s blend sorting worksheet

Listened to the stories, What Makes a Rainbow? and What is a Rainbow?

Figured out how rainbows are created

Drew a picture of something we would like to find under the rainbow



Reviewed our shapes and different Attributes

Played an Attribute Spinner Game


Prayed the Stations of the Cross

Colored the 10th Station of the Cross: Jesus’ Clothes Are Torn Off

One-on-One End of the Quarter Testing: Beginning Sounds, Ending Sounds, Non-sense Words



Writing project “At the end of the rainbow, I found…” (matched the pictures we drew)

Mixin’ & Fixin’ Short a worksheet



Reviewed story problems


Colored the 11th Station of the Cross: Jesus is nailed to the Cross

One-on-One End of the Quarter Testing: Reading Sentences, Comprehension, Counting by 1’s 5’s 10’s



Word scramble worksheet

Worth More Than Gold - writing and art project



Hiding Bears Game - two numbers that equal ten


Colored the 12th Station of the Cross: Jesus Dies on the Cross

One-on-One End of the Quarter Testing: Sight Words, shapes, two digit numbers, sequence numbers, patterns


Early Release - Due to the Weather


Completed 2 math pages in our St. Patrick’s Day packet

Fill in the missing numbers from the hundreds chart

Addition Problems


St Patrick

Read the story, The Story of St Patrick

Colored his picture in our saint book

One-on-One End of the Quarter Testing: Graphing, Number Stories, Adding and Subtracting, prayers, ball words


Late Start-Due to the Weather


Completed several pages in our St. Patrick’s Day packet



Science experiment - Created rainbows using skittles and M&M’s


Watched a movie about St. Patrick

Used a Shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity - then colored it.


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