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January 2-6

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Epiphany! We celebrated them all this crazy short week. On Thursday, we were finally able to have our Christmas party. We started by reading The Christmas Story and moving the nativity pieces into the stable. The Three Kings also “started” their journey. We also got to open gifts from Ms. Torborg, our Advent Angel, and our 5th grade Buddy, play some Christmas theme games, and enjoy a special snack. On Friday, we celebrated Epiphany. We listened to the story Follow that Star and moved the 3 Kings to the stable. Father Brian also came to school to do a special “Epiphany Blessing”. As a school, we processed through the halls as Father marked each door of the school. Finally, on Friday afternoon, Ms. Torborg brought the BeeBots out for the first time. We enjoyed learning what coding is and practiced making our BeeBot move forward.


No School ~ Christmas Break


Snow Day


Snow Day


Late start due to the weather.

Math Calendar

Reading Phonic Warmups

Christmas Party! We finally got to celebrate Christmas.

Read the story, The Christmas Story, and moved our creche pieces to represent what happened.

Exchanged gifts with our Advent Angels

Opened gifts from our teacher

Celebrated with our 5th grade buddy by exchanging gifts and playing games

Played classroom games

Pin the red nose on Rudolph the Reindeer

Ring toss around antlers a classmate was wearing

Special snack


Happy Epiphany!



Introduced to BeeBots



Epiphany Blessing with Father Brian

Listened to the stories, Follow the Star and The Story of the Three Wise Kings.

Completed our Promise booklet about Epiphany and the Baptism of the Lord


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