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September 25-29

The theme of the week was scarecrows in the Kindergarten room. We started the week by talking about living and nonliving things. We discovered that all living things need air (to breathe), food (to eat), and it has to change & grow. Throughout the week, we were able to classify many objects as either living or nonliving things. From there we determined a scarecrow is not a living thing. We found out that scarecrows are made out of old clothes, hay, and a pole. Their job is to scare away the crows. We wrote about an imaginary (make-believe) scarecrow, identifying 2 things our scarecrow could do and one thing it couldn’t do. When everyone was done, we turned our pages into another class book. (It can be found on our class website.) Along with our writing project, we created a scarecrow glyph, (A glyph is a pictorial form of data collection.), sorted objects into living and nonliving things, and we made a scarecrow with moving arms and legs.



• Reviewed our letters and letters sounds - Sang our Better Alphabet Song

• Introduced to the letter Ss - Completed a letter Ss worksheet

• Created list of words that begin with the /s/ - we even helped Ms. Torborg spell them.

• Introduced to Living and Non-Living things - watched a video and listened to a story

• Living things need air, food & water, & to move and grow.

• Completed a worksheet identifying if the given item is living.


• Sang our number song and air wrote our numbers.

• Completed the number 6 page in our Number Galore book


• We talked about the Good Shepherd and how he will always take care of His sheep

We also talked about our Guardian Angel who is always with us to protect us.

Listened to the Story I’m Not Scared…I’m Prepared - We learned what to do is a wolf or dangerous someone enters our building. We will “play” Sheep, Shepherd and Wolf. We practiced finding “safe” spots in our classroom and grabbing something to throw if needed.



• Introduced to the letter Pp - Completed a letter Pp worksheet

• Introduced to our new word, to

• Read through our emergent reader, Scarecrow Goes…

• Reviewed the characteristics of living and nonliving things

• Listened to the story of The Shy Scarecrow - Identified what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story

• Created a class book - we each wrote 2 things our scarecrow could do and 1 thing he could not do


• Sang our number song and air wrote our numbers.

• Completed the number 7 page in our Number Galore book


• Completed our Gospel Weekly - After listening to the reading from Mass on Sunday, we talked about the importance of sharing with our neighbors. Our neighbor isn’t just the person who is right next to us, but those in our community, city, and world.



• Introduced to the letter Tt - Completed a letter Tt worksheet

• Introduced to Syllables - Breaking words into parts

• Created a Scarecrow Glyph - After coloring each part of the scarecrow according to a specific directions, we had to cut it out and glue it together.


• Sang our number song and air wrote our numbers

• Completed the number eight page in our Number Galore Book


• Today is the feast of St. Vincent de Paul. We watched a short movie about him and colored a picture of him in our Saint Books.

The Dragons Drumline and Homecoming Court stopped by to celebrate their homecoming week. We enjoyed giving high fives and hearing the music.



• Introduced to the letter Ii - Completed a letter Ii worksheet

• Identify the difference between letters and words and completed a worksheet

• Created a dingle, dangle scarecrow


• Sang our number song and air wrote our numbers

• Completed the number nine page in our Number Galore Book


• Listened to the story The Way I Feel

• Worked on identifying different emotions on a person’s face

• Created a silly emotions flip book



• Introduced to the letter Nn - Completed a letter Nn worksheet

• Reviewed characteristics of living things and completed a living and nonliving sorting worksheet


• Sang our number song and air wrote our numbers

• Completed the number Ten page in our Number Galore Book


• Mass

Marathon Rally- Our activity was to open a starburst without using our hands. This task seemed impossible but with the help of friends and God, we can do anything. We have raised over $24,000. We did quite make our next prize.


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