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September 16-20

Apples, Apples, and More Apples! We continued our exploration of apples this week. We read several non-fiction books about apples to gather more apple facts, created an apple life cycle, and made a class book about the apples we brought from home. On Wednesday, we turned our apples into applesauce. We each got a chance to peel and cut up our apple before it cooked all day. It sure made the whole school smell good all day and boy was it delicious! We ended the week by graphing our favorite apple product.


We had a special visitor today in class, Zero the Hero. Zero likes to visit our class on the number of days (that we have been in school) that end in Zero. Today was the tenth day of school! Zero also brought us a treat that looked just like a zero.

Our bible story this morning was about Joseph and a beautiful coat. We heard about how jealous Joseph’s brothers were when he received this coat, how mad they were when they heard about his dreams, and how they sold him into slavery.

In reading, we were introduced to our first letter sound and letter, Mm. After watching two short video clips about Mm, we created a list of words that began with the /m/. We were also introduced to our new sight word, am. After a turn and talk where we used our word in a sentence, we read through our new emergent reader, I am Colorful. As we read the story, we used the picture clues to help us figure out the color words. We also worked on our reading stations.

After snack, we headed to the computer room. Today we started our fall NWEA (standardized) testing. We took the Reading test. It measured things like Foundational Skills, Language & Writing, Literature & Informational, and Vocabulary Use and Functions.

We had a special visitor during our Monday Meeting, Mr. Brooks. Last spring, he challenged the students to read over the summer. He promised to donate $1 for every book they read to be used towards a field trip. Today we found out that we earned $400. We also found out that we have brought in more than $10,000 in Marathon donations/pledges. We earned a bubble gum day!

In math, we explored the numbers 0 & 1. We started by singing our number song and practicing air writing our numbers. Then we completed two pages (numbers 0 & 1) in our Numbers Galore book. We had to trace the number, write the number, color the number of boxes, and write the number words for both numbers 0 & 1. We had to make sure we made the number correctly specifically we had to start the numbers at the top.

This week we are continuing our apple study. Today we created an apple life cycle using pictures. We started by rereading the story, Apple Trees. We listened for each of the stages in an apple’s life cycle. Then we colored all of the pictures and cut them out. The trickiest part was putting them in order. Each picture was of one stage in the life cycle of an apple/apple tree. Once we had them in order and Ms. Torborg checked it out, we glued them on a long sheet of paper.


Today we were introduced to our activity bags. Our activity bags are our homework for the week. They usually contain a game and worksheet that correspond to something we are working on it class. We need to bring our bags back to school by the following Monday, so we can take a new activity home on Tuesday.

In our bible story today, we heard about what life was like for Joseph when we has a slave. Instead of getting mad, he prayed to god and things weren’t so bad. That is until someone told a lie about him and he was thrown in jail.

In reading, we reviewed our sight. We had to look close at all of the letters in each word to make sure we had the right word because Ms. Torborg tried to trick us. Then we reviewed the letter M and its sound. First we watch a short video clip. Then we worked on identifying words that began with the /m/. Finally we were introduced to how to write an M. We need to make sure our capital M has mountain peaks and our lowercase m has little hills. After air writing our letters, we completed a letter M worksheet. We circled all of the Mm’s from a group of letters, practiced writing capital and lowercase m’s, and identified items that started with the /m/.

We also made another class book. Our book is about the apple we brought to school. Each of our apples were different, so each page is different. The first thing we had to do on our page was to draw a picture of our apple. If our apple was green and red, we had to draw a green and red apple. Then at the top of our paper we had to write the color words for our apple.

After snack, we went to the computer lab. This time started our last Fall NWEA test the Mathematics test. It measures things like Operations & Algebraic Thing, Numbers & Operations, Measurement & Data, and Geometry.

In religion, we listened to the story of Adam and Eve. We listened to how they ate from the forbidden tree and hid from God. And how they were exiled from the Garden of Eden. We colored a picture of Adam and Eve before we watched a video of the whole story of creation.

In math, we played a new game, Count & Sit. We started by getting in a circle. The object of the game is to be the last one standing. The first person calls out the number 1. The next person calls out 2 and so on around the circle until you hit the number 10. The person who calls out 10 has to sit down. The next person standing starts again with 1. You continue on until only 1 person is left standing. We also practiced writing the number 2. First we wrote it in the air. Then we completed the number 2 page in our Number Book.


Mmm . . . Something smells good! We started out our day with a cooking project. Last week, we each brought an apple to school. We measured, weighed, and wrote about our apples. Today it was time to cut them up. We each got a turn to peel, core, and slice an apple with an apple peeler. Then we cut the slices into small pieces. We cut up about 20 apples. When we were done, the crockpot was overflowing. Before we turned it on to cook, we added some water, brown sugar, and cinnamon. The apples cooked all day. Our room smelled wonderful.

We started reading time by reviewing our letter sounds and letters. Then we each tried to think of a word that began with the /m/. Next we worked on identifying the letters in the alphabet with a game on the SMARTboard. (Dezol: Letter Name Search) On our turn, we had to find the given letter. The trick was some were capital and some were lowercase. Next we practiced air writing m’s. We need to make sure that capital M’s have mountain peaks and lowercase m’s have hills. Finally we completed a sorting worksheet on which we had to sort capital and lowercase m’s.

Our math lesson today was all about our birthday. First we talked about the months. We sang the months song. Ms. Torborg had a birthday cake for each month. We worked together to put them in order. We found out that there were 12 months. Next we each got a candle with our name on it. We had to put the candles on the month that represented our birthday. After all of the candles were on the cakes, we analyzed the information. We talked about which one has the most? Least? Are there any months with zero? Are there more in July or September? Etc… After we cleaned up, we sang our numeral song. As we sang, we practiced writing our numbers in the air. Then we completed our number 3 page in our number book.

For the past few weeks, we have listened to several stories about how God created everything including the first man and woman. Today we talked about how God even created us from our heads to our toes. He made each of us unique. Then we created a picture of ourselves.

After we completed calendar, it was time to try our applesauce. We each got a small taste. It wasn't like the applesauce you get from the store. It was chunkier and we had to be careful because it was still warm. There were a few people who didn't care for it, but some of us even got seconds!


We continued listening to the story of Joseph this morning. When we left off, he had been thrown into jail because someone told a lie. Today we heard about how he got out of jail and became the right-hand man of the king.

In reading, we watched a new m video. Then with a partner, we tried to identify 10 words that began with the /m/. We also reviewed how to write both capital and lowercase m’s. Next Ms. Torborg introduced us to a new reading station: Writing Work. There are 10 theme words around the room that we need to find and write down. We worked on reading station in-between meeting with Ms. Torborg. In our small group meetings, we worked on writing both capital and lowercase letters in sand, we got new books in our reading bin, and we created a list of capital letters we found looking through a book.

The feast of St. Matthew is September 21st. He was one of the 12 Apostles and he wrote the first gospel in the bible. He didn’t always do the right thing when he was collecting taxes, but he changed his ways and started following Jesus. We colored a picture of him in our Saint Books.

In math, we worked on graphing. We day we add to two different graphs in our calendar binders, the temperature and weather. We started our lesson by looking at each of the graphs and comparing the data. Then we created a graph of our favorite way to eat and apple. Caramel apple won with a plain apple coming in second. Finally, we created an apple color graph. We each took a turn spinning the apple spinner. We had to put a mark on the graph to represent the color it landed on. Once everyone took two turns, we analyzed the data. After we cleaned up, we sang our numeral song. As we sang, we practiced writing our numbers in the air. Then we completed our number 4 page in our number book.


We started our day off with a ride on the Blue Bus and Mass at church. When we got back, we had snack and then Ms. Torborg brought out the play-do. We started off creating a capital and lowercase M. Then we showed us how to use the alphabet play-do mats. Each mat represents one letter of the alphabet. At the top, you need to use the play-do to create both a capital and lowercase letter in the outline. On the bottom left, you need to use the play-do to cover all of the circles with the given letter. On the bottom right, you need to use to play-do to cover all of the pictures that start with the given letter sound. We spent the rest of our reading time working with the alphabet play-do mats.

After music, we completed our calendar binders. Then we spent a little bit of time reading some of the books in our book bins. We started with our decodable (paper) readers before we moved on to the other books.

After library, we sang our numeral song. As we sang, we practiced writing our numbers in the air. Then we completed our number 5 page in our number book.

We ended our day with our marathon rally. After praying for all of our marathon intentions, we found out that we have raised over $20,700. We earned our next prize, no homework day. (The Kindergarteners get a little extra play time.) Then we divided up into groups for an activity. As teams, we had to navigate an obstacle course (through the lunch room). It was super tricky because it was dark and foggy. The “lighthouse” (a flashlight) helped guide us.

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