October 21-25

This week the kindergarteners learned all about pumpkins. We started with learning about their life cycle all the way from a seed to a big pumpkin. Next it was time to look inside a pumpkin, but before we could do that we had to do a little measuring and guessing. With a partner, we made some predictions about what our pumpkin would look like inside and how many seeds it might have. Finally, it was time to cut it open and clean it out. As we cleaned it, we had to separate the seeds so we could count them later. Our pumpkins had between 353 and 489 seeds. After counting all of the seeds, we got to roast and eat them as a special treat. We also made pumpkin pie pudding. We combined vanilla pudding, pumpkin pie filling, pumpkin spices, whipped topping, and vanilla wafers. MMMmmm.... it was good. Just like pumpkin pie! Finally, we turned our pumpkin into a Jack-o-Lantern. Then we wrote descriptive words about our Jack-o-Lantern.


In reading, we were introduced to a new letter and letter sound, Tt. After singing our T song, we created a list of words that began with the /t/. We also created a list of words that had the /t/ at the end. Then we listened to the story, Pumpkin Day! At the end, we were able to determine the setting, characters, and details from the beginning, middle and end of the story.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins… It is finally pumpkin week. We found 3 pumpkins in our classroom when we got there this morning. We started off with a little exploration with a real pumpkin. Ms. Torborg divided us into groups of two or three. Each group got a pumpkin to work with. First, we drew a picture of what our pumpkin looks like on the outside and answer the question “How big is your pumpkin?” by circling the correct answer. Then we made some predictions. We had to answer each of the questions with our best guess.

How many lines does your pumpkin have?

How tall is your pumpkin? (using cubes)

How wide is your pumpkin? (using links)

Will your pumpkin sink or float?

How many seeds are in your pumpkin?

Then we had to answer each of the questions by completing the measuring and counting activity. We left two questions blank that we are going to complete tomorrow. Draw what the inside of your pumpkin looks like and How many seeds are in your pumpkin?

October is the month of the rosary. It is a time to honor Mary and ask her for help with some of our daily needs. This week we are praying the rosary with the luminous mysteries. Each day, we will pray one decade of the rosary. Today as we prayed with thought about the First Mystery: The Baptism of Jesus.

We had some special guest speaker visit us, Abby. She came to talk to us about 4-H. She told us about all of the fun and exciting things you can do in 4-H and how it can help you become a leader. Plus, she taught us the 4-H pledge which describe what the 4-H’s are (hands, head, heart, & health).

In the afternoon, we went back to our pumpkins. Ms. Torborg cut the tops off our pumpkins and we had to clean out the “guts” or pulp. When the inside of our pumpkin was cleaned, we separated the seeds from the pulp.


Say Cheese! It was picture day. Everyone had their picture taken.

We started our day off with the story, I’m Not Scared…I'm Prepared again. This is the story about the sheep, the shepherd, and the Wolf. The shepherd makes sure the sheep are safe from the wolf with ALICE. We talked about the evacuation procedures we practiced last week. That was the E in ALICE. Today we practiced the L in ALICE, Lockdown. We located several different spots in our room where we can hide and still jump up if we need too. Once we get in our spot, we find something we can throw at the intruder if they get in our room.

In reading, we worked on identifying the difference between letters, words, and sentences. We started by singing the alphabet. Each one of those is a letter. When we put a group of letters together, we create a word. When we put a group of words together, we create a sentence. After talking about the differences, we completed a worksheet. We had to sort the squares out into different categories, letters, words, or sentences. We were also introduced to our two new sight words, a & an. Ms. Torborg used each of the words in sentences before we tried to create a sentence. Then we found our new word in our new emergent book, The Life Cycle of a Pumpkin. We read our story together before partner reading it. Before we put it in our reading bin, we cleaned our reading bin out. We brought some of our emergent reader books home. We talked about storing them in our treasure box. We need to keep reading them. We could read them to mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, siblings and even our pets. Since we made room in our reading bin, Ms. Torborg also gave us some new decodable books for in our reading bin.

We started religion by praying the decade of the rosary. Today with we focused on the Second Luminous Mystery the Wedding Feast of Cana. We were also introduced to another saints, St. Pope John Paul II. His feast day was last Sunday, October 22nd. He thought it was so important to make sure the young people especially teenagers connected with the Catholic church. He is the patron saint of World Youth Day. We colored his picture in our Saint Book.

We started off learning about the pumpkin life cycle. We read two books called Pumpkins. Even though they had the same name, they were written by different authors so they were different. We found out that a pumpkin starts as a seed, it grows on a vine, and it starts out as a flower before it turns into a pumpkin. We also found out that when a pumpkin starts growing it is green before it turns orange. To help us remember the different steps, we colored a picture of each of the steps. Then we cut them out, put them in order, and glued them on a pumpkin.

Yesterday we made some predictions about our pumpkins including how many seeds were in our pumpkin. Today we got to see if we were right. We had to count all of the seeds in our pumpkin. First, we read the story, How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? In the story, they had three different size pumpkins. Everyone thought that the biggest pumpkin had the most seeds. We took a look at our pumpkins and tried to figure out which pumpkin had the most seeds.

Then it was time to count them. To make it a little easier, we used hundreds charts. Working as a group, we had to fill the hundreds chart in by placing one seed in each square. Once the chart was filled, we could get another one. When all the seeds were in on a hundreds chart, Ms. Torborg helped us figure out how many we had.

Pumpkin 1: 353

Pumpkin 2: 430

Pumpkin 3: 489

That’s a total of 1,272 seeds!

At the end of our story, How many Seeds in a Pumpkin?, we found out that the smallest pumpkin had the most seeds. Mr. Tiffin’s class looked closely at their pumpkins. They noticed that the smallest one was a darker shade of orange. Plus it had more lines around it. Mr. Tiffin told them that was because it was on the vine the longest. We took a look at our pumpkins. We noticed that some were a darker shade of orange too. We counted the lines on two pumpkins that looked to be almost the same size. One had 19 lines and the other one had 26 lines. We compared the number of seeds and noticed the one with more lines had more seeds.


We started our morning with a cooking project. As a treat, we roasted/toasted the pumpkins seeds we counted yesterday. Ms. Torborg really did the roasting in an electric fry pan. We got to try the pumpkin seeds before we went to computers. We divided the seeds into two groups. The first group was salted. The second group was cinnamon and sugar. More people liked the seeds cinnamon and sugar than the salt. We got to have seconds and even thirds if we wanted to.

In reading, we reviewed our letters and letter sounds. Then we watched 2 short letter t video. Next, we added /t/ words to our list. We were able to identify more words that ended in a /t/ than began with the /t/. We also completed our letter T worksheet. Next, we listened to the story, How Big Could your Pumpkin Grow? two times. The first time we listened for the meaning. We found out that pumpkins can grow really big. The second time, we tried to identify all of the words that mean big.

We also created another class book. This time our book was about a jack-o-lantern. First, we defined a jack-o-lantern as a carved pumpkin. Then we talked about all the different ways a carved pumpkin can look. Next, we drew and colored a picture of a jack-o-lantern on our paper. Our last step was to write 2 descriptive words about our jack-o-lantern.

We started religion by praying another decade of the rosary. Today with we focused on the Third Luminous Mystery the Proclamation of the Kingdom.

Our Olweus lesson today was about the importance of your name. We talked about how we feel when people greet us by name. It really makes us feel like we belong. Then we practiced greeting our friends in class with a handshake, hug, wave, or high five and calling them by name. We also played the name game. As we went around the circle, we had to identify the name and favorite color of everybody who went in front of us. Then the last person had to identify everyone’s name and favorite color.

We started math by matching a group of objects to a number. Ms. Torborg put a group of objects in a pocket. We had to count the objects as they were going in and then show the number card to match the number of objects in the pocket. Then we worked on identifying one more and one less. Ms. Torborg put a group of objects in the pocket. Then she put either one more in the pocket or took one out of the pocket. We had to identify the number of objects left in the pocket.


We had a mixed-up day today. We did everything out of order because we had a cooking project. We made pumpkin pie pudding today. We started our project right away by making vanilla pudding. First, we had to read the directions to figure out what to do. Then we used our math skills to count and measure out the milk. The next direction was to mix it up. Ms. Torborg showed us a nifty tool to help mix things together a hand mixer. Before we used it, we examined how it worked. We saw one big gear attached to a handle. When we flipped it over we saw two gears on the bottom attached to the batters. When we moved the big gear, the littler gears went around. We each got a chance to use the hand mixer to mix it up. Then it went into the refrigerator for a while.

In reading, we reviewed our letters and letter sounds. We learned a new song, Herman the Worm. Today Herman could only eat things that started with the /t/. On our turn, we had to identify something that Herman ate. (He ate some pretty interesting items.) In small groups, we worked with the at word family. We worked on blending letters sounds to read words, putting letters together to create words, and substituting letters to create new words. We also created an at word family flip book.

After reading, we finished making our snack. In order to figure out what to do next, we had to read the recipe. A recipe tells us the ingredients along with how much. It also tells us what to do. Our next step was to mix in pumpkin (from a can) and pumpkin pie spices into our pudding. In order to open the pumpkin, we needed a can opener. We noticed that the can opener also used gears to make it work. Next it was time for the "crust", to make our "crust" we crushed up a bunch of vanilla wafers. We put our "crust" on the bottom of our cup. Then we added our pumpkin pudding. No pumpkin pie is complete without whipped topping, so we topped it off with a little whipped topping. Finally, it was time to eat. And mmmm... it was delicious!

In religion, we prayed another decade of the rosary. Today with we focused on the Fourth Luminous Mystery the Transfiguration. We also watched a short video, Cat Chat: Celebrating Mary. The Cat Chat family taught us about Mary and the rosary.

In math, we worked on sorting objects. We started as a whole class. Ms. Torborg gave us a bowl full of domino pieces. We had to figure out different ways to sort them. We started by sorting them by color. Next, we tried sorting them by dots. All of the dominos that had 4 dots on one side and 2 dots on the other side were in a pile and so on. Then we tried sorting them by the number the dots equal. All the dots that equal 8 were on one pile and so one. Since we were getting good at sorting together, we broke up into groups. Each group was given a different bowl full of objects to sort. We sorted a bunch of writing supplies, buttons, and stickers. We had to figure out at least 2 different ways to sort them.


Happy Birthday Freya!

We started reading by watching an at word family video. We sang along as we built different at words. Then in small group, we build at family word sliders. After reading the words on our word slider, we worked with our small group to play a game. We either worked to match capital letters to lowercase letters or we matched short a words to their pictures.

In religion, we prayed the last decade of the rosary. Today with we focused on the Fifth Luminous Mystery the Institution of the Eucharist.

In the afternoon, we did some math stations~ pumpkin ordering and counting, spider ordering and counting, acorn matching, leaves falling, subitizing, match-it, or top-it. We could choose which station or game we wanted to play with our partner. We had to complete at least 3 activities.

After all of our work was done, we got carved our pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns. Everyone got a chance to cut out a shape/facial feature. Before we did any cutting, Ms. Torborg helped us draw our shapes. We had to work with our partners to agree upon what we wanted it to look like. Then using the safety pumpkins carving knives, we each got a chance to cut out an eye, the nose, or part of the mouth.