November 25-29

Even though we had a shortened week, due to our Thanksgiving break, we still managed to get a few things done. We read several stories about the first Thanksgiving and determined the differences between the things we have and the things the pilgrims had. We also made turkeys out of different kinds of cookies and watched the movie Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyagers. We ended our week by gathering as a whole school to give thanks to God!


We finished our bible story about Samuel. Today we listened to the story of when he was chosen to be a King. We also heard the story of when he anointed David to be the king of Israel one day.

We started reading, by talking about Thanksgiving. We shared some of the traditions we have now and then discuss the story of the first Thanksgiving. We reread the story Our First Thanksgiving. Then in small groups, we retold the story by filling in the missing words with pictures. First, we had to cut out 10 pictures. Then Ms. Torborg helped us read the story. When we came to a box, we had to figure out which picture to fill in to make the story make sense. As we worked on our story, we talked about sentences. Sentences start with a capital letter and have an end mark. We worked on locating the beginning of a sentence by finding the period. We also paid attention to the sight words, a, the, & to. As a class, we listened to the story, There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey. As we listened, we identified the different rhyming words. We also identified the characters and setting of the story.

In math, we worked on grouping or sorting number. The first time we did it, we started by putting the number cards 0 to 10 in order in a line on the floor. Then we placed the corresponding tens frame card under each number. Finally, we place each of the corresponding dot cards under the numbers. Once Ms. Torborg checked it out. We put all of the cards on a pile and mixed them up. Then we sorted them again. This time we didn’t start with the numbers at the top and we didn’t put the numbers in order. We ended math with some math stations.

Station 1: We built a scarecrow using the pattern pieces. We had to roll the dice and pick that piece out of the pile to place on our scarecrow outline.

Station 2: We put the numbered turkeys in order. Then we had to match the number on the domino to the corresponding turkey.

Station 3: We had to build the number puzzles. We started by sorting out the pieces making sure all of the same number was on a pile. The using that number 4 pile, we had to complete the puzzle.

Stations 4: We had to sort the turkey cards according to the number. The turkey cards had the numbers using ten frames, fingers, dice, digits, & tally marks. If there was time, we could play top-it using the turkey cards.


In reading, we reviewed our sight words with a game. With a partner, we played a Gingerbread sight words. On our turn, we rolled the dice and moved that many spaces on the board. We had to read the sight word we landed on. If we got it right, we could stay. If we got it wrong, we had to go back to our last spot. The first person to the gingerbread house won. In small group, we played Turkey Rhyming memory. On our turn, we had to flip over just one card. Then we had to try to identify 2 words that rhymed with it before we could try to find its match. After small group, we completed a at & ap word family worksheet. We had to read the words on the worksheet and glue the corresponding pictures to it.

Before we could eat snack today, we had to make it. We each created a turkey cookie. We started by identifying the different parts of a turkey. As we identified the different parts, Ms. Torborg showed us what supplies we could use. Then she made one walking us through what she was doing. Finally, it was our job to gather the right supplies and create our turkey. We had 2 different kinds of cookies (one for the base/feet and the other as the feathers), a marshmallow (for the body), candy corn (for the head/beak), and a red hot (for the waddle). We used frosting as our glue to hold it all together. When they were done, we got to eat them. They sure were delicious.

In religion, we listened to the story, Only One Man Said “Thank You”. We heard about how Jesus healed 10 people with a terrible disease, but only one person took the time to return to Jesus and say Thank You. Then we took some quiet time to think of all of the things our moms, dads, grandpas, grandpas, siblings, etc. do for us. Do we always say Thank You? We said a quiet prayer for them.

We also talked about Advent, the 4 weeks before Christmas, as a time to get ready for Christmas. We talked about the different things we are going to do here at school to get ready. We will have an Advent Tree in our classroom and each day we will add a paper link with part of the bible story on it. We will also unwrap a special Christmas story to read. As a school we will gather each day to read a bible story and add an ornament to our Jesse tree. And we each have a special Advent Angel.

In math, we made a paper chain to count the number of days until Christmas. This was a lesson in counting along with construction. We were constantly counting how many loops we had already made. We had to put 25 loops together to make our chain. Some of us also had to figure out how many loops we had to take off to get back to 25 when we added too many. When we had 25 loops together, we cut out a star for on the top. Now each night right before bed, we need to tear a loop off. When only the star is left, it will be Christmas.

We ended the day by gathering as a whole school for a Thanksgiving Prayer Service.


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No School! Happy Thanksgiving!


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