November 18-22

This week the kindergarteners explored Thanksgiving, everything from the first Thanksgiving to the special food we eat. We learned about why the Pilgrims left England, their ship the Mayflower, and how some of them died that first year. Then we explored the different ways the Wampanoag people helped the Pilgrims and the feast they had together to celebrate. We also compared what life is like today to that of the Pilgrim people. Then we made a new class book. We each had to create our own Thanksgiving dinner menu. Next we read the story ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving. The children in the story save the turkeys and try to convince people to eat something else. We decided to do the same thing. We each wrote a list of things you can eat instead of turkey. We also created a picture of us with a turkey stuffed underneath our shirt.


Our bible story today was about Samuel being a good judge and prophet. He told people that there is only one God and not to worship false Gods.

In reading, we reviewed all of our sight words before we were introduced to our new sight word, you. We used you in a sentence. Then we worked on identifying it in our new emergent reader, Thanksgiving Dinner. In small groups, we worked on reading our new book. Before we read it, we used a highlighter to marked the word you each time we found it. The next time we went through the book, we took note of how many words and sentences were on each page as we identified the words. The last time we read through it, we listened for the story. We were also introduced to a new letter sound and letter, Cc. We noticed as we sang our c song that c can make two sounds, /k/ and /s/. We worked together to create a list of words that started with the /k/ C. Then we tried to create a list of words that started with the /s/ c. We found a few words. Most of the words started with a S. For now when we identify the letter c, we are going to use the /k/. We ended by completing our C sorting worksheet.

In the afternoon, we explored the first Thanksgiving, determined the reason we have Thanksgiving, and compared and contrasted our Thanksgiving with the first Thanksgiving. First to defined some important words like pilgrim, Wampanoag, Mayflower, harvest, & feast. We started by looking at the voyage the pilgrims took. While looking at the globe we traced their journey. We also traced their journey through a slide show that described some of the thing they went through. We found out that the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in the middle of winter. Then we watched a short video clip about the first Thanksgiving. We found out that it lasted more than 3 days and was a celebrate for the thanking the Wampanoag people for teaching them to hunt and plant.

In math, we worked on graphing. We started by identifying all of the different things we have graphed. We created a graph of our favorite apple, popcorn topping, and birthday. Everyday we add to our temperature and weather graph. Ms. Torborg even brought up our weather graph so we could look at it. Then we broke up into groups of 2 or 3. Each group received a bowl of pattern blocks and a big piece of paper. The directions were to create a graph. Eventually we figured out we needed to sort the pieces into shapes. Then most of us figured out that we needed to line the up into columns. The problem was that not all of our shapes were the same size. It looked like we had more hexagons because they were the biggest. When really we had to most triangles, but they were the smallest. Since we were stumped, Ms. Torborg helped us figure out the steps we missed. We had to created the “boxes” to put the shapes in. Once we created a “table”, we were able to easily see which group had the most and least.


During theme today, we made a book about our Thanksgiving Dinner. We started by creating a menu. A menu is a list of things that will be served for the meal. We had to write down at least 6 things that we want to have on Thanksgiving. We could only have one dessert! Next to the menu was a place setting with dishes. We had to draw what our plate will look like on Thanksgiving if we made everything on our menu.

In religion, we talked about priests, bishops, and the pope. We found out the hierarchy of the church is similar to that of the school. The teacher is in charge of the classroom just like the priest is in charge of the church. The principal in charge all of the teachers just like the bishop watches over all of the priests in the diocese. The superintendent watches over all of the schools in the dioceses just like the pope watches over all of the bishops. Our parish priests are Father Jeff and Father Brian. We are part of the Dioceses of New Ulm with Bishop LeVior. And our current Pope is Pope Francis.

In math, we played a new game, Spill the Beans. We started with a cup, 10 beans (one side was red and the other side was white), and a tens frame. First, we had to spill the beans out of the cup. Then we had to sort them according to their colors. Next, we had to put them on our tens frame. First, we put all of the red ones and then the white ones. We were able to identify which color we had more and how many of each color we had. After we played a couple of rounds, Ms. Torborg gave us a recording sheet. We had to record who many beans were red and how many were white for each “spill”.


In reading, we reviewed our sight words. Then we changed out some of the books in our reading bins. We are bringing home some new emergent readers to read to our family and friends. We were so excited about our new books, we had some quiet reading time. We also read the story, Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving. A group of kids visited a turkey farm. When they found out that the turkeys were going to be eaten for dinner, they hid them under their shirt and took them home. Together as a class, we made a list of different things we could eat instead of turkey. Then we each has to create our own list with 6 things that we would like to eat for Thanksgiving dinner instead of turkey.

For religion, we completed our Olweus lesson. Today we played the Island game. It was similar to musical chairs. Instead of using chairs, we had a big island we had to all stand on. Plus nobody got kicked off the island, instead we had to work together to get everyone on the island. After each round our island got smaller. We found out that even when we had a little square left, we could all fit on if we worked together.

In math, we reviewed the shapes (circle, square, triangle, and rectangle). Then we tried creating them with a rope/string. We figured out that for each shape, we had to determine how many corner it had and that is how many people we needed to create it. After creating the main shapes, we tried creating a trapezoid and parallelogram.

In the afternoon, we continued working with the story we read in the morning, Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving. The next step was to create a background for our words. We wanted it to look like we had a turkey stuffed under our shirt. Ms. Torborg gave us some pieces to trace and cut out and others just needed to be cut out. We really had to just our fine motor skills, so that it looked just right. We started with the shoes. After we cut out all of the pieces, we glued them together. Then we did the legs, feathers, shirt, and head. After cutting out each section, we glued the pieces together. The last thing we did was glue our writing on.


In reading, we reviewed the ap, am, & at word families. Then we competed a worksheet. Some people worked on word families while other people worked on beginning sounds. Next, we reviewed out letter sounds and letters, watched a c video, and sang Herman the Worm. Today Herman could only eat things that started with the /k/. In small groups, we played a rhyming memory game. We ended by listening to the story, Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving. We were able to identify the main characters in the story along with the setting.

After PE, we listened to the nonfiction story, Thanksgiving. We talked about what life was like for the pilgrims. We compared and contrasted the things we use now to the things the pilgrims used. We decided that we are happy we live with all of the great technology we have. We also did a worksheet in which we had to cut out several objects and then glue them in the right column (Now or Then).

In religion, we colored another saint picture in our Saint Books. Today our saint was St. Cecilia. Cecilia’s parents had her marry a man that didn’t love God. She loved God very much and she taught her husband about God. She also loved music and used music to help spread God’s message. St. Cecilia’s is the patron saint of musicians and her feast day is November 22nd.

In math, we are working on comparing items. Today we had to stand next to things in our room that were taller and shorter than us standing. We also had to find items that were longer and shorter than us by laying down next to them.


Our day started a little different than most Friday. Before we went to church, we stopped by the Meeker County Food Shelf to drop off the food we collected. Mass was a little different, too. It was a special Mass, Anointing of the Sick. We sat in a different spot because there were more people in Mass. Plus, both Father Brain and Father Jeff were there. In the middle of Mass, they blessed all of the adults with a special oil.

In reading, we worked with the -it word family. We started by creating an -it word family flipbook. Our next activities used all of the consonants in the alphabet. Ms. Torborg put each of the letters on the floor. We each picked a little to stand on. On our turn, we had to identify the letter, letter sound, and then put that sound in front of the word –it to create a word. We also had to decide if the word we created was a real word or a nonsense word. Ms. Torborg wrote the words on the correct list.

In math, we created an obstacle course in our room. First, we identified what ways you can move through an obstacle course (on, around, between, above, below, under, over, etc..) Working together, we created a course around our room. The first time we went through the course, Ms. Torborg helped call out the directions. The second time, we tried to do it on our own. We went through it four times, each one a little faster than the last.

We ended the day by reviewing the story of the pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving and then watching This is America Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyage.