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March 6-10

This week was fish week! We started off the week by discussing the difference between an ocean and a lake. In a lake, we can find algae, sunfish, walleye, lily pads, and leeches. In the ocean, you can find jellyfish, sharks, whales, sea horses, and dolphins. We talked about the fact that an ocean has salt water and a lake has fresh water. We also learned some fish facts. Fish are cold-blooded, have backbones, and breathe through gills. They have scales on the outside to protect their bodies and they swim by moving their fins. We used our fish knowledge to create a fish bowl full of fish facts. We also wrote a descriptive story which we turned into a class book. We started out by drawing a picture of a make-believe fish. Then we wrote sentences that told what our fish looked like. We also created a fish bowl with fish. We ended the week at church with a Lenten Retreat. We spent the day focusing on Lent and getting ready for Easter.


Discovery Day - Enjoyed a magic show with some preschoolers from around town.


Introduced to our new sight words, there, up & down

Looked through our new emergent reader for “Secrets”

Read through our emergent reader, Down in the Ocean

Explored the different between ponds & oceans

Sorted animals into different habitats

Drew different designs on a fish

Started our writing project describing the fish we drew



Tried to figure out if we were tall enough to ride the big rides

Discovered the proper way to measure items


Prayed the Stations of the Cross

Colored the 7th Station of the Cross: Jesus Falls for the Second Time



Watched two different videos about fish

Identified different fish facts by completing a can, have, are chart together as a class

Finished our descriptive writing project about our fish

Completed a -ug Secret Word worksheet



Reviewed 3D shapes

Introduced to the subtraction symbol


Colored the 8th Station of the Cross: Jesus Speaks to the Women of Jerusalem


Scheduled Early Release Day


Completed a fish bowl project

Wrote different can/have/are fish facts

Labeled the different parts of a fish

Drew a items in a fish bowl



Reviewed 3D shapes



s blend sorting worksheet

Reviewed fish facts

Created a see through fish bowl art project



Disappeared Train Game


Colored the 9th Station of the Cross: Jesus Falls for the Third Time

One-on-One End of the Quarter Testing: letters, letter sounds, rhyming, segmenting, blending


Lenten Retreat

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