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January 27-31

Happy Catholic Schools Week! This week we celebrated the joys of attending a Catholic school. Each day there was a special dress up opportunity like pajama day, twin day, school spirit day, neon day and fancy day. There was also a special activity every day. We kicked-off our week with a talent show. We entertained the audience with the penguin dance and move your legs dance. On Monday, we started with a prayer service and a special snack (hot chocolate and a donut). Then in the afternoon, we watched a movie while the teachers had a break. On Tuesday, we went roller skating at the Skatin’ Place in St. Cloud. On Wednesday, we spent the day at the church. We started with a family breakfast. Then we spent sometime in the morning writing our parents a note, coloring placemats for the nursing home, and touring the church with Deacon John. In the afternoon, we ventured around town to learn about area businesses. On Friday, we spent the afternoon playing BINGO! Thanks to everyone who helped make our week so special.


Happy Catholic School Week! This week we are celebrating Catholic Schools. This is a national event and Catholic schools all over are doing special things to show pride and support their school. Today was pajama and movie day. We got to wear our pajama’s to school!

We started our day with a prayer service to kick-off Catholic Schools week. After that we had a special snack, donuts and hot chocolate.

In reading, we were introduced to a new letter and letter sound, Bb. After singing our letter song, we created a list of words that started with the /b/ and a list that ended with the /b/. Then we completed our b letter sorting worksheet. We also worked with Ms. Torborg to complete our personal report card for 2nd quarter. Finally, we spent some time getting comfy with our pillow and blanket and reading the books in our reading bin.

In Religion, we listened to the story of the Prodigal Son. We heard about the importance of forgiveness. God is just like the Father in the story, he is always willing to forgive us we just need to ask.

We spent our afternoon as a whole school watching the movie Benji with Mrs. Kramer. The teachers had the opportunity to enjoyed some quiet time.


Today was Twin Day. We partnered up with a friend or two and then wore the same thing. It was also field trip day. We spent most of the day at the Skatin’ Place. We enjoyed learning to roller skate. We might be a little sore tomorrow with how many times some of us fell. It is a good thing that we had “Skate Trainers” to help us out. After enjoying a lunch of pizza, pop, and a few carrots, we could either skate for a while or play in the fun zone where there were 3 different big inflatables. There was a giant slide, an obstacle course, and a maze.

When we got back to school, we completed our calendar and then had a little free time with the first graders.


Today was School Spirit Day. We dressed up in our St. Philip’s gear to show our school spirit. We spent the whole day at the church. Our day started off with a pancake breakfast served by the teachers and a little extra recess time. After a project with Mrs. Kramer, while the teacher’s cleaned up breakfast, we split into two groups. One group left on the Blue bus to visit two different businesses. The other group stayed at the church. They spent some time touring the church, writing a letter to our parents, and coloring placemats for the residents at the neighboring nursing home. After lunch, the two groups switched spots. If you stayed at church in the morning, you got to go out visiting in the afternoon. And if you stayed at church in the morning, you got to go out visiting in the afternoon.


Today was neon day. Everyone was wearing bright colors.

Our morning started with our normal routine. We have a little free time before we moved into reading. Our first reading activity was to write about our favorite thing about the School of St. Philip. Since we wrote about this topic before it was easy to think of a bunch of different things. After we were done writing, we illustrated our pictures. Then we reviewed our letter sounds and letters, sang a letter B song, and completed our letter b worksheet. Before we ended our morning, we completed our calendar binders.

Our afternoon was filled with Minute to Win It Games. We took turns with the First Graders playing different games such as Junk in the Truck, Suck It Up, Noodling Around, Moving On Up, A Little Dicey, and Face the Cookie. We had a lot of fun taking our turn at each game and cheering on our friends.


Today was fancy dress. Everyone dressed up in their finest clothes. We sure have a handsome class.

After Mass, we completed our calendar binders. Then we changed out our pages for February. We were also introduced to our two new sight words, had & for. Both of our words are pretty common, so we went on a word hunt in our emergent readers. Using a highlighter, we colored the word for & had each time we found it. Finally reviewed all of our sight words. We went through the pile 3 times, each time trying to read them faster than the last.

In religion, we talked about St. John Bosco. His feast day is today January 31st. St John Bosco is the patron saint of the youth. He is known as the apostle of the youth because he spent his life caring for young boys and girls. He not only took care of homeless children, he taught them useful skills as he told them about God.

After lunch, we headed downstairs to play BINGO! We met up with our 5th grade buddies, so they could help us as we searched for the numbers. The best part was everyone won a prize!

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