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February 10-14

This week we celebrated the 100th Day of School and Valentine’s Day. Our 100th Day celebration started out with a special treat from Zero the Hero. He hid 100 Hershey Kisses all around the room. Each Kiss had a special number we had to identify after we found it. We created a 100th day crown with 100 dots and completed a math & literacy 100th day packet. We also created a picture of ourself when we are 100 years old and then we made a list of things that we want to do before we are 100 years old (a bucket list). Our Valentine’s Day celebration started with learning about St. Valentine who was killed for celebrating the Mass and marrying people. In honor of Valentine’s day, we did some writing about love. First, we created a new class book. We each created a page about all of the things that we love. We also did some Valentine’s math with a box of candy hearts. We each had our own box of hearts with it we did some estimating, patterning, adding, graphing, and measuring. In the end, we got to eat them!


Happy 99th day of School! We are really close to the 100th day, so we started in on the fun a little early in the afternoon.

We started reading by reviewing all of our letters and letter sounds. Then we were introduced to our next letter Kk. We watched the video and created our a list of words that had the /k/ in the beginning and at the end. We also completed our letter K sorting worksheet. Next, we listened to the story, This book is not fun. At the end of the story, we talked about the main idea of the story along with the characters and plot. After that, we talked about why people create lists (grocery lists, chore lists, to-do lists, etc…). Together we created a grocery list. As Ms. Torborg wrote our list, we noticed that each item was written on a new line and that they were not sentences. We took our knowledge of lists to write our own list. We created a list of things that we want to do before we are 100 years old (a bucket list). We had to write at least 6 things we really want to do when we are an adult. We ended reading time with our new emergent reader, A Valentine for Me. Before we read our story, we were introduced to our two new sight words, was & that. (We have now been introduced to all of the baseball ball words.) After using them in a sentence, we read through our story. Right away we noticed special marks in the air. Ms. Torborg told us they were quotation marks. They show us the words someone is saying. On each page we found quotation marks, we identified who was talking, what they were saying, and who they were talking to. After reading the story together, we read the story with a partner.

In the after noon we started on some of our 100th day activities. First, we did some estimate and weighing. We had to decided which bag of goodies is heavier before we weighted them. Then e did some measuring. We had to find items in the room that were longer and shorter than a 100cm. We tried to find something that was exactly 100 cm, but didn’t have any luck. Finally, we colored the number 100 and we colored and cut out an oval with the words, “I’m a 100 days smarter!”


Happy 100th Day of School! Ms. Torborg gave us a special treat for snack. We each had a plate with a swiss cake roll and two donuts at our table spot when we got to school. It looked just like a 100!

Our day started by reading the our letter from Zero the Hero. He left us a special treat. He hid 100 Hershey Kisses around the classroom. Each one was numbered. When we found a Kiss, we had to read the number on the bottom and then find that number on a hundreds chart. We spent a few minutes looking Kisses around the room.

After title, we completed calendar and got started on some special projects. For our first project, we made a crown with 100 dots on it. After coloring and cutting out an oval with the words, “I’m a 100 days smarter!” on it, Ms. Torborg turned it into a hat. Our next job was to add 100 dots to it. We decided the easiest way would be to put them in groups of ten. So we put 10 dots on a strip of paper with a bingo dobber. Then Ms. Torborg stapled it out our hat. After each strip was added, we had to count how many dots were on our hat. We repeated this step until we had 10 strips or 100 dots!

For our next project, we created a necklace with 100 fruit loops. After finding our fruit loop page in our 100th book, we counted how many circle there were on the page. Each row had 10 circles and there were 10 rows making 100 circles. Next, we placed 1 fruit loop on each circle of our page. Each row had to be the same color. When all of the circles were filled up, we had to put all of the fruit loops on the string that was attached to our number 100 that we colored yesterday. When we were done, Ms. Torborg helped us tie it off to form our necklace.

Next we did some math and reading. We skip counted by 2’s, 5’s, & 10’s (writing the numbers). Then we read 100 words and wrote about what we would buy with 100¢ and $100. We also wrote about something we had 100 of and something we wish we had 100 of.

In the afternoon, we played a game of Roll & Record and created a mystery picture by coloring in the given numbers. Then we created a picture of what we will look like in 100 years. First, we cut out our head and shoulders. Then we glued them on the frame. If we wanted wrinkles, we had to crush our head piece first. Next we used cotton balls to create hair (on top of our head and facial hair). We also had to create facial features-eyes, nose, mouth, glasses, etc... Finally, we attached our bucket list that we wrote yesterday.

We ended our day with the story Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th day of Kindergarten. Then we spent some time looking for the missing Hershey Kisses. We were unable to find 10 Kisses. Hopefully we can find them tomorrow.


In reading, we reviewed our letter and letter sound Kk. After singing our letter song. we created a list of words that ended with the /k/. We noticed that all of the words ended in a k or a k with a silent e. None of the words ended with just a c, but some of the words had c and k together. We found out that c doesn’t like to be at the end of the word by itself. It always brings its friend k with. Then we watched a short alphablocks video about c and k and we completed our letter K worksheet. In small group, we read through our 100 sight words from yesterday and identified different word families on the list.

We ended our day with our Olweus lesson. Today we talked about laughing. We started by getting in a circle. We each took a turn laughing. Pretty soon everyone was laughing. Then we told some jokes and again everyone was laughing. We decided that was a good kind of laughing because it made everyone feel happy. We talked about some times when it is not a good kind of laughing and what we can do about it.

In math, we are learning the tricky teens. The tricky teen numbers are the numbers from 10 to 19 (any number that has a one in the tens spot). We started out by building teen numbers on our fingers. We quickly found out that we didn’t have enough fingers, so we had to have a partner. Teen numbers are a group of ten and some more. After singing a teen number song, we worked on building teen numbers on a double tens frame. We also added the numbers 11-20 to our number card bag. Then we put all of our number cards in order from 0-20. We ended our math time by playing the game “Steal the Number” with our numbers.


We had an unscheduled late start today due to the cold weather.

We started our day off with a writing project. We created a new class book, I Love... We each had to write 5 sentences that started with I Love. We could finish the sentences anyway we wanted. The goal was to add some describing words to our objects. In the afternoon, we illustrated a picture to go with our words.

In religion, we continued our discussion of prayer. We listened to the story of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector. Jesus told the people to pray from the heart and not to brag and be boastful. Then we watched the Brother Francis video, Let’s Pray!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Our day started off with Mass, calendar, and snack.

After snack, we listened to the story, The Yuckiest, Stinkiest, Best Valentine Ever. Ms. Torborg introduced us to speech bubbles. Speech bubbles help identify who is talking by who the arrow is pointing at. This story was full of speech bubbles.

During religion, we learned about St. Valentine. Saint Valentine lived a long time ago in the 3rd century. The king made a law that you had to worship his God and could not be a Christian. He also made a law that no one could get married because he wanted a strong army. Valentine didn’t follow these rules. He secretly held Mass and married people. When the king found out, he put Valentine in jail but that didn’t stop him. In the end, Valentine was killed for his beliefs. We colored St. Valentine in our Saint book.

In the afternoon, we did a little Valentine’s math. For our math lesson, we got a bag of candy hearts. We started by guessing how many hearts were in the bag before we opened it. Then we opened it, sorted and counted them. We recorded our information on our math paper with tallies and the number. The next step was create a graph with that information. After graphing them, we did some patterning, addition problems, and measuring with our candy hearts.

We ended the day by passing out our Valentine’s, enjoying a treat, and playing games with some special visitors. Anna, Olivia, & Emily Kramer and Ruby Hesse came to play games and hang out with us.

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