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December 2-6

Mmmm.... our Kindergarten classroom smelled wonderful all week. We started our week with gingerbread. We read several different stories about a gingerbread man. We compared and contrasted each of the stories with the original story. We also created a created a gingerbread man class book, completed a gingerbread science experiment, and wrote a story about How to Eat a Gingerbread Man. Gingerbread week wouldn’t be complete without trying different kinds of gingerbread including Gingerbread cookies and cake. Finally, we made gingerbread ornaments out of applesauce and cinnamon. They made our room smell really good. After we cut them out, we had to let them dry for several days. When they were dry, we got to decorate them with some glitter glue. This week we also wrote about what we would do if Santa was stuck in our chimney and created a Christmas stocking by sewing together paper. On Friday, we celebrated the feast of St. Nicholas. We read a story, colored his picture, and we watched a movie about St. Nicholas.


Ms. Torborg was gone today. We had Mrs. Dingman for our sub.

This is the first week of Advent. We started the morning by talking about Advent along with some of the different symbols of Advent including the Advent wreath and the Jesse Tree. We found out that Advent is a time to get ready for Jesus’ birthday. In our classroom, we found a bin of wrapped gifts under our tree. Each day we get to open one of the gifts (books) and read the Christmas story. Today our story was The Christmas Story. We will also hear a message from Brother Francis each day. Finally, as a whole school, we will gather each day to hear a story and place an ornament on the Jesse Tree. Today we also had a short Advent prayer service. We lit one of the candles on the Advent wreath.

During reading, we were introduced to our new letter and letter sound, Oo. We listened to the o song and then identified words that began with the short o sound. Next, we read two stories. They had the same title, The Gingerbread Man, but they were by different authors. After reading both stories, we compared and contrasted them. We found out that the main character (the gingerbread man) was the same along with the problem (no one could catch the gingerbread man). The stories both ended the same way with the gingerbread man being eaten, but the journey was different.

We also created our own “How To Eat A Gingerbread Man” story. Before we got started, we got to eat a gingerbread cookie. After our first bite, we discussed which part of the body we bit off. Then we worked together to create our book. First, we had to decide what part we were going to “eat” first. We tore that piece off the gingerbread man then glued the rest of it on our paper. For the next page, we had to tear off the first part we ate and then the next bite. We completed each page the same way until the whole gingerbread man was gone. Then we had to go back and write our sentences filling in the parts that we “ate” on each page. Now we have our very own story. Once our story was done, we got to eat our own gingerbread cookie!

In math, we played the spinner game. First, we played together as a whole group with a giant board and people as game pieces. One person spun the spinner and the game piece had to move that many spaces on the board. Then it was the next person’s turn. We kept taking turns until one person make it to the end. The second time we played with a partner and a small game board.


For Advent today, we heard Brother Francis tell us about the Christmas Tree and asked us to do kind things for people. After Cash unwrapped the book, The Christmas Story, Ms. Torborg read it to us. We also set up our nativity scene. It looks a little different from the ones we have at home. In our stable, we have a cow, donkey, and the manger. “Up on a hill side”, we have the shepherd and sheep. The 3 wise men are scattered around the room since they haven’t started their journey yet. And Mary and Joseph are travel across our room on their journey to Bethlehem. Each day they get a little closer to the stable.

In reading, we reviewed our letters sounds and letters. Then we sang the o song, identified things that began with both the short and long o sound. Finally, we completed our letter o worksheet. We practiced writing capital and lowercase o’s, identifying the letter o from a group of letters, and discriminated between words that began with the /o/. We also listened to the story, Snipp, Snapp, and Snurr and the Gingerbread. Throughout the story, we worked together to identify the big words. We also identified the characters, setting, and details from the beginning, middle and end of the story.

Finally, it was time for snack. We made our own snack today, gingerbread (It’s like a cake). We started by mixing 3 scoops of gingerbread mix in a Dixie cup and then we added 1 scoop of water. Next, we had to stir it up. Then Ms. Torborg baked it in the electric fry pan. It took a long time (20 minutes). It made our classroom smell really good. After it cooled for a bit, Ms. Torborg added a scoop of cool whip to the top. Finally, we got to try it. And mmmm.... it was good. Two thumbs up!

After snack we started working on a gingerbread story. On the top of the page, we used our adjectives (descriptive words) to describe gingerbread. We could only use each adjective one time. On the bottom, we had to write our own story (or sentence) about gingerbread. It could be about a gingerbread boy or girl, making gingerbread, eating gingerbread, or whatever we wanted. When we were done writing, we illustrated our story. Ms. Torborg put all of our stories together into a class book when we are all done.

In math, we completed some “Toothy” math activities. We worked on identifying, counting, comparing, and ordering numbers.


For Advent today, we heard Brother Francis tell us the story of the how John the Baptist got his name and he asked us to make a card for someone to brighten their day. Gabriel unwrapped our story today, Cricket at the Manger.

In reading, we reviewed our letter sounds and letters, watched a short o video, and identified words that began with the short o sound. We also reviewed our sight words. Then we were introduced to 3 new sight words, little, he & she. We also received a new emergent reader, The Little Cookie. We read through our story 3 times together. The first time followed along with our reading finger listening to the words and identifying our sight words. The 2nd time, we worked together to read it. The 3rd time, we partner read our story. We decided that the last page of our story needed a picture of us eating a gingerbread man, so for snack we had gingerbread cookies. Ms. Torborg took pictures of each of us eating our cookie for our book.

We also started a gingerbread science experiment. We have read several stories in which the gingerbread boy didn’t want to get wet? So our question was “What will happen to a gingerbread cookie if it is put into water?” We started by drawing a picture of what the gingerbread cookie looked like before he got wet and we think it will look like after he gets wet. After our pictures were drawn, we put the cookie into a cup full of water and let him sit. We observed what happened to him after just 5 minutes, 20 minutes and 60 minutes. Then we recorded our observations. Our gingerbread boy crumbed to pieces!

In math, we worked on identifying tens and ones with number tiles and blocks. We started with the number tiles. Ms. Torborg showed us a group of blocks on the board and we had to show her the corresponding number tile. We had some groups were single digits and some were groups of ten. We quickly figured out that the groups of ten needed to have a zero at the end of the number. We were getting really good at identifying which numbers were single digits and which were groups of ten, so we switched jobs. Ms. Torborg showed us the number tiles and we had to use our blocks to create the number. We had to figure out if the number was a single digit or a group of ten and then use the corresponding blocks.

Our Olweus lesson today was about talking and listening. We were introduced to the talking stick. The only person who can talk is the person who is holding the talking stick. Everyone else job is to listen. Ms. Torborg asked us several different questions. Sometimes everyone got a chance to hold the talking stick and answer and sometimes only a few people did.

In the afternoon we made gingerbread ornaments. There are just two ingredients, applesauce and cinnamon. You have to mix equal parts applesauce and cinnamon together in a bowl. Next Ms. Torborg rolled it out. We each got to pick out four different cookie cutters shapes for our ornaments. After the shapes were cut, we had to stick the end of a straw in the top to make a little hole. Now they are drying. It will take a while for them to dry. Our whole room smelled good for the rest of the day. At the end of the day, we played with the play-doh. We were able to row out the dough and use the cookie cutters to make different shapes.


For Advent today, we heard Brother Francis tell us about Christmas ornaments and asked us to make the people around us feel welcome the next time we go to Mass. Maci unwrapped our story today, On This Special Night.

We started reading with the story Santa’s Stuck. As we listened to the story, we identified the problem. Santa ate too many treats and cookies and got stuck in the chimney as he was trying to leave. Instead of finishing the story right away to find out what happened. We each took time to write about what we would do if we woke up in the middle of the night and Santa was stuck in our chimney. We had to be specific. We couldn’t just say we would help him. When writing, we had to use our sounds to figure out what letters to write. We broke big words up into syllables to help us figure out the letter sounds and letters. We also used the word wall to help us spell our sigh words correctly. When everyone was done writing, Ms. Torborg finished reading the story to us.

In math, we played a new game roll and record. We had to roll the dice and then record that number on our graph. We played until one of the columns was filled. Then we had to analyze the data.

In the afternoon, we created a picture of Santa stuck in a chimney. Santa’s feet dangling in the fireplace opening. We started by creating the background, a brick fireplace. Making the bricks were tricky. We had to use a ruler to make line all over a piece of red paper. Then we had to trace all of our pieces before we could cut them out. Ms. Torborg helped us glue them together. Then we added some cotton balls as fur trim on Santa’s coat. When it was dry, we added our writing on the bottom and hung them on the wall for everybody to see.


For Advent today, we heard Brother Francis tell us about Mary and asked us to make flowers for Mary. Logan unwrapped our story today, The Legend of the Nicholas.

Happy St. Nicholas Day! As part of our Catholic faith, we honor many saints. They lived their life the way Jesus's taught us to live. St. Nicholas is one of those saints and today, December 6th, is his feast day. We watched a movie about the life of St. Nicholas. Nicholas liked to give away his treasure and help people at night so no one know it was him. In many countries, St. Nicholas gives out gifts on St. Nicholas day instead of Christmas Eve. He leaves little treats for children in their shoes. At the end of the day, we found treats in our boots. We also colored St. Nicholas in our Saint Books.

In the afternoon, we made Christmas stocking with paper, cotton balls, string, glitter and glue. We started by tracing and cutting out the stocking, a front and a back. Then Ms. Torborg punched holes all the way around them, so we could sew them together with string. Next, we added cotton ball to the top. Once they are dry, we will add our name with glitter.

We ended our day with the Veggie Tales Movie: St. Nicholas- A Story of Joyful Giving. During the movie, we decorated our gingerbread ornaments. We got to add glitter glue or puffy paint around the outside.

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