September 14-18

Apples, Apples, and More Apples! We continued our exploration of apples this week. We read several nonfiction books about apples to gather more apple facts, created an apple life cycle, and did a science experiment with an apple. We also taste tested different kinds of apples and then graphed our favorite ones. On Wednesday, we turned our apples into applesauce. We each got a chance to peel and cut up our apple before it cooked all day. It sure made the whole school smell good all day and boy was it delicious! We ended the week by graphing our favorite apple product. We ended the week with learning about Johnny Appleseed (He was a real person who planted many, many apple seeds across the USA).


We started our morning out with prayer and pledge out at the flag pole. Mondays is our day to raise the flag with our 5th grade buddies. We we came in we completed calendar and had snack

After snack, we headed to the computer room. Today we started our fall NWEA (standardized) testing. We took the Reading test. It measured things like Foundational Skills, Language & Writing, Literature & Informational, and Vocabulary Use and Functions.

Apples, Apples, and More Apples! We continued our study of apples by learning about how apples grow. We started our exploration by reading two different books about apples, Apple Trees and From Blossom to Fruit. As we listened to these stories we noticed that they didn’t tell a story, instead they gave us information. We found out that an information book is called a nonfiction book. We learned that apples grow on trees and a group of trees is called an orchard. Apples start out as flower and when you turn an apple over you can see part of the flower parts. We also explored the life cycle of an apple from a little seed planted in the ground to the seeds you find in an apple. Then we created an apple life cycle using pictures. After cutting out the pictures, we had to put them in order and glue them down. If we had time, we could color the pictures.

In reading, we were introduced to a new letter sound and letter, Aa. We watched to two different videos. During our A song, we noticed that A actually has two letter sound, a short sound and a long sound. Ms. Torborg told us when we are practicing/reviewing our sounds, we will use the short sound. We also noticed in our song that the words didn’t start with the /short a/ instead the /short a/ was in the middle of the word. We worked together to create a list of words that began with the /short a/. Then we completed our letter A sorting worksheet.

In math, we explored the numbers 0. We started by singing our number song and practicing air writing our numbers. Then we completed the number 0 page in our Numbers Galore book. We had to trace the number, write the number, color that number of boxes, and write the number word. We had to make sure we made the number correctly specifically we had to start the numbers at the top.


Today we combined our math lesson with snack. We started out learning about graphs. After talking about them, we created one together. We had to decided if we liked apple pie or carmel apples better. Then we had to put an X in the correct column on the graph on the SMARTboard. It was super exciting because we got to use our pointer fingers on the SMARTboard for the first time. After we analyzed the data, we tried making a new one, but first we had to have a little snack. Ms. Torborg brought in 4 different kinds (a Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Pink Lady.) We had a chance to try each one. After the first two kinds (red delicious and granny smith), we created a graph of our favorite kind. Then we tried golden delicious and created another graph. Finally, we tried pink lady and created our class graph. Pink Lady won as the overall favorite kind of apple. After each graph, we analyzed the data. We ended our math lesson with snack. We got to eat apples slices for snack. We could choose which kind of apple we wanted to eat.

After snack, we headed to the computer room to finish our NWEA (standardized) testing. Today we took the Mathematics test. It measures things like Numbers & Operations, Algebra, Geometry & Measurement, and Data Analysis.

During snack, we noticed that after Ms. Torborg cut an apple up, it started to turn brown. We decided to see if we could find something to help slow down the process. After making a few predictions, we put apples slices in a bowl full of water, full of milk, full of lemon juice, and full of soda. Throughout the day, we took turns checking to see what was happening. Our apple slices turned really brown in the soda, had brown spots in water, and really white and mushy in the milk. Our apple slice in the lemon juice had no brown spots on it. We determined putting lemon juice on our apples would help keep them from turning brown.

In reading, continued working on recalling apple facts. After trying to recall as many as possible on our own, we listened to our apple song. We also listened to the story, The Apple Pie Tree. We heard about the life cycle of an apple along with some of the things you can make out of apples. We ended our time by quietly reading some of the books in our reading bin. We used both our reading fingers and our whisper phones.

In religion, we listened to the story of Adam and Eve. We listened to how they ate from the forbidden tree and hid from God. And how they were exiled from the Garden of Eden. We colored a picture of Adam and Eve before we watched a video of the whole story of creation.

We ended the day with a little extra recess time with the 1st graders. As one of our marathon prizes, we earned extra recess. Today was a great day to spend some extra time outside.


In reading, were continued our conversation about fiction (make-believe) stories and nonfiction (information) stories. After Ms. Torborg read us the story, we had to determine what kind of story it was. Since it was full of information or facts, we determined it was a nonfiction story. Then Ms. Torborg read us the story, Apple Trouble. Again, we had to determine what kind of story it was. We determined that it was a fictional story because animals can’t really talk to each other. Plus some of the scenes were silly and really couldn’t happen.

We also reviewed our letter sounds and letters and listened to our letter A song. Then we added a few words to our list before completing our letter a worksheet. Next, we worked on combining the /a/ with the /m/. We noticed they created a word, am. This is our new sight word. After each person talking a turn using our new word in a sentence, we read through our new emergent reader, I am Colorful. As we read the story, we used the picture clues to help us figure out the color words.

We finished up our morning by reviewing the apple life cycle and a little project. We started by coloring a big apple with a leaf and stem. We had to make sure to use real apple colors. Then we cut the whole thing out. Plus we cut it in half on the dotted line. Next we colored a sheet of paper with the 4 different stages of an apple life cycle on it. Finally, Ms. Torborg helped us fold the stages paper and glue our apple on it. Now when you open the apple, you see the stages of an apple’s life cycle.

After lunch, Mrs. Dingman subbed in our classroom again for the afternoon. Ms. Torborg had a meeting to attend.

Our math lesson today was all about our birthday. First we talked about the months. We sang the months song. Mrs. Dingman had a birthday cake for each month. We worked together to put them in order. We found out that there were 12 months. Next we each got a candle with our name on it. We had to put the candles on the month that represented our birthday. After all of the candles were on the cakes, we analyzed the information. We talked about which one has the most? Least? Are there any months with zero? Are there more in July or September? Etc… After we cleaned up, we sang our numeral song. As we sang, we practiced writing our numbers in the air. Then we completed our number 2 page in our number book.

In religion, we reviewed the story of Adam and Eve. We talked about how God created them with love and still loved them after they did something wrong. Then we worked together to identify situations that are good or correct and situations that are wrong or sinful. We really focused on situations that happen at school and why they are wrong.


Mmm . . . Something smells good! We started out our day with a cooking project. Last week, we each brought an apple to school. We measured, weighed, and wrote about our apples. Today it was time to cut them up. We each got a turn to peel, core, and slice our apple with an apple peeler. Then we ate our apple for snack. With the extra apples we brought in we made applesauce. Ms. Torborg peeled, sliced, and cut up them up into pieces. Then she put them in the crockpot. Before we turned it on to cook, we added some water, brown sugar, and cinnamon. The apples cooked all day. Our room smelled wonderful.

During reading, we reviewed the different kinds of books, “real”, nonfiction or “make-believe”, fiction. Then we listened to 4 different apple stories. After each one, we had to decide what kind of story it was. We also reviewed our letter sounds and letters. Today we focused on the letter Aa. After watching the letter A song video, we created a list of words that started with the short a sound and a list of words that started with a long a sound. We really had to listen to the beginning of sound of the word to make sure it started with the correct sound. Then we practiced writing the letter A, both capital and lowercase before moving on to our worksheet. We ended our time by reviewing our sight words and reading the books in our reading bin.

In math, we worked on graphing. We day we add to two different graphs in our calendar binders, the temperature and weather. We started our lesson by looking at each of the graphs and comparing the data. Then we created a graph of our favorite way to eat and apple. Caramel apple won with a plain apple coming in second. Finally, we created an apple color graph. We each took a turn spinning the apple spinner. We had to put a mark on the graph to represent the color it landed on. Once everyone took two turns, we analyzed the data. After we cleaned up, we sang our numeral song. As we sang, we practiced writing our numbers in the air. Then we completed our number 3 page in our number book.

The feast of St. Matthew is September 21st. He was one of the 12 Apostles and he wrote the first gospel in the bible. He didn’t always do the right thing when he was collecting taxes, but he changed his ways and started following Jesus. We watched a short movie about him and colored a picture of him in our Saint Books.

After music, it was time to try our applesauce. We each got a small taste. It wasn't like the applesauce you get from the store. It was chunkier and we had to be careful because it was still warm. Everybody loved it. We emptied the whole pot. Some of us got second and third helpings!


We started our day off by singing our number song and learning how to write the number 4. We started working on our number 4 page in our number book, but we did have time to finish. The Blue Bus was ready to take us to church for Mass. When we got back, we had snack, recess, and Spanish. Then we completed our number 4 page and calendar.

During reading, we reviewed the different kinds of books, “real” or non-fiction or “make-believe” or fiction. Then we listened to three different stories about Johnny Appleseed. We determined the first story was a “real” or non-fiction story. We learned about things Johnny Appleseed really did and how he got his name. We determined the other books had parts that were real and parts that were make-believe. Since parts or make-believe, there were fiction stories. As we read each book, we tried to figure out if it was real or make-believe. We compared it to the book we know was real. We found out that Johnny Appleseed was a real man named Johnny Chapman. He lived a long time ago and went around to different states planting apple seeds.

In the afternoon, we watched a movie about Johnny Appleseed. We also had a Marathon rally. We started by praying for all of our marathon intentions. We found out we have raised just over $19,000, so far. We earned our next prize, a pajama day. Next Tuesday, we get to wear our pajamas to school! Then we divided into groups for an activity. We started by making a happy face emoji on one side of a paper plate and a sad face emoji on the other side. Then the 5th graders put on little skits about different ways and people you can ask for Marathon pledges. After each one, we had to use our plate to show if it was the right way or wrong way to ask for a pledge.