October 12-16

This week the kindergarteners explored the wonderful world of Clifford the Big Red Dog. Clifford teaches us many life lessons including being a good neighbor, being yourself, and using manners. As we read through each book, we identified the parts of the story, made predictions about what might happen, and discovered the “lesson” in each story. We also talked about the author and illustrator, Norman Bridwell. We identified his job and how he got his ideas for the stories. Finally, we wrote our own class book about Clifford the Big Red Dog and made a Clifford picture with descriptive words on the inside. On Tuesday, we celebrated reaching our Marathon goal with a day full of fun: Park, Pizza, and Movies.


This week our theme is Clifford the Big Red Dog. Clifford is an oversize dog that finds himself in the middle of many fun adventures. Clifford is a good role model for us. He teaches us to be fair, honest, and helpful. We read several different books about Clifford. We found that Clifford was the main character in each of the stories. We were also introduced to the setting. The setting is where and when the story took place. We tried to identify the setting for each of the stories we listened to. Plus we reviewed some of the details from the story by identifying things that happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the book.

Along with learning about different positive character traits Clifford portrays, we also learned about the author, Norman Bridwell. We found out that Norman likes being an artist more than an author. He was going to name the big red dog Tiny until his wife convinced him that wouldn’t be a very good name. And that the little girl in the story is named after his own daughter.

We also made a new class book. We discovered that Clifford likes to help people, so wrote a story about Clifford helping us do something for someone else. (Clifford and ______ like to help ____________). When we were done with our words, we illustrated our pictures. We had help with Clifford. He was already on our paper.

Before recess, we had a meeting with Mrs. Peterson in the lunch room with first and second graders. She did some safe environment training with us. We watched a short movie and then talked about the importance of feelings and being safe and who we should tell.

In the afternoon, we listened to the story, I’m Not Scared…I'm Prepared. Then we talked about it. We learned all about what to do if a wolf or intruder enters our school. We would follow our ALICE training. A- Alert, L-Lock Down, I-Inform, C-Counter, E- Evacuate Today we focused on evacuate. We talked how we would evacuate from our room and where we would go. Then we practiced it. We practiced going out the back door and the side door and meeting at our special spot (Father’s front steps).

After that we broke up into two groups. One group worked with completed some activities on the iPads while the other group made Clifford ears. Then we switched. On the iPads, we completed a capital - lowercase matching activity and a letter Tt activity. To make our Clifford ears, we had to trace an ear pattern on red paper. We had to make two of them because Clifford has two ears. Then we cut them out. Ms. Torborg helped us staple them together on a headband. Now we look just like him.

In math, we completed our calendar binder and number talk before playing a game. We have played Find It several times by ourself, today we played with a partner. The goal was to be the first person to get three squares in a row.


Today was our Marathon Reward Day. We started the day with a ride on the Blue Bus to the park by Lake Ripley. We spent 2 1/2 hours running around and playing with the 1st graders. When we arrived back at school, we had a special lunch in our classroom, Pizza Hut Pizza! Then we spent the afternoon, watching movies and coloring. We could choose between The Great Mouse Detective & Jungle Book or Oliver and Company & 101 Dalmatians.


In reading, we listened to the story, Clifford’s Best Friend. We identified the main character as Clifford. We also identified some of the other characters along with the setting. Then together, we recalled details from the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Next, we did a big writing project. We created Clifford the Big Red Dog’s head. When you lift the cover, you can read all about Clifford. We started by meeting with Ms. Torborg to work on our words. First, we had to write words that describe Clifford. Next, we had to write things Clifford can do. We ended by writing one thing Clifford is good at. When everyone was done with their words, we worked on creating the picture. Clifford’s head was already traced two different pieces of red paper. We had to cut them out. We also had to cut out our words, and Clifford’s eyes. Then we had to draw/trace Clifford’s facial features and glued his eyes on his paper. The final step was to glue our word on the back and attach the front. When you lift the flap, you can read the words. We also worked on sequencing events. We completed an iPad activity where we had to put several different events in order. Plus we completed a sequencing worksheet.

In math, we were introduced to the place value blocks. They are just like the blocks we use for calendar every day. There were pieces or ones blocks and longs or tens blocks. Today we just used the pieces. For our first activity, Ms. Torborg would call out a number and we had to show that many ones pieces. Once we were good with that, Ms. Torborg introduced us to number cards. We started by putting the number cards in order. We had to make sure to start our numbers on the left side. Our next activity was to identify the number of pieces in a given group with a number card. Ms. Torborg put a group of pieces out and we had to show her the matching number card. Then we identified the number on the quick look card by finding the corresponding number card.

Yesterday, October 13th is the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima. In honor of the feast day, we watched the video The Day the Sun Dance. We found out that the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima celebrates when Mary appeared to 3 children in a field. She told them to pray the rosary for those people who need help.


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