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November 14-18

This week the kindergarteners explored Thanksgiving, everything from the first Thanksgiving to the special food we eat. We learned about why the Pilgrims left England, their ship the Mayflower, and how some of them died that first year. Then we explored the different ways the Wampanoag people helped the Pilgrims and the feast they had together to celebrate. We also compared what life is like today to that of the Pilgrim people. Then we made a new class book. We each had to create our own Thanksgiving dinner menu. Next we read the story ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving. The children in the story save the turkeys and try to convince people to eat something else. We decided to do the same thing. We each wrote a list of things you can eat instead of turkey. We also created a picture of us with a turkey stuffed underneath our shirt. On Thursday, we celebrated the 50th day of school with a Back to the Fifties Party. We counted to fifty, wrote fifty words, and compared household items. We ended the day with a Sock Hop and Root Beer Floats!



Introduced to the new sight word, you

Read through our new emergent reader, Thanksgiving Dinner

Created an -am word family flip book

Played I Have…Who Has… game

Listened to the story, The Very First Thanksgiving Day

Explored the First Thanksgiving

Compared and contrasted our Thanksgiving with the first Thanksgiving

Introduced to new words, pilgrim, Wampanoag, Mayflower, harvest, & feast


Introduced to the tens frame

Represented different numbers on the tens frame


Completed our Promise booklet

Discussed what to do when we are afraid or scared and that we can trust Jesus



Listened to a new secret story for the letters sh

Listened to the story, No Turkey for Thanksgiving.

Defined menu and discussed when and where you might see use one

Created a list of things we like to eat for snack

Created our own Thanksgiving dinner menu and illustrated it


Calendar binders

Daily Math Talk

Turkey Puzzle - Ordering Numbers


Listened to the story of Adam and Eve

Colored their picture



Listened to the story, ’Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

Created a list of items you could eat instead of Turkey


Worked on identifying smaller groups within a big group


Listened to the story, Little Penguin Learns to Fly

Created a retell book of the story by drawing pictures to match the words


Happy 50th Day of School! What an exciting day we had! To celebrate the 50th day of school, we had a Back to the Fifties party!


Read through our new emergent reader, Sock Hop

Wrote 50 words

Created a list of things we can do in 50 years

Completed a Now and Then sorting activity

Root Beer Float science experiment: Does ice cream float in root beer?



Counted to 50 by ones, fives, and tens

Number Find: located numbers on a hundreds chart to create a picture of the word fifty

Created AB, ABB, ABC patterns

Sock hop dance party



Listened to the story, ’Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

Reviewed the characters, setting, and details

Created a person with a big turkey stuffed under their shirt (like the book) and attached our list of alternative foods


Attended Mass


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