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March 22-26

As Easter approaches, we have been talking about Lent and Easter. Our journey started by receiving ashes on Ash Wednesday. Throughout the past few weeks, we have colored each of the Stations of the Cross. The Stations of the Cross help us remember what happened to Jesus right before he died. This week we read several stories about the First Easter. We made a “stain glass” cross out of melted crayon shaving. We also decorated Easter eggs. We found out that the Easter eggs looked just like the rock that was in front of Jesus’s tomb. It is also a symbol of new life. We got to color all over the egg with our color crayons. Then we dipped it in dye. Plus we applied to be the Easter Bunny’s assistant after reading the book, The Easter Bunny’s Assistant. We had to write about why we would be a good assistant. We got an extra surprise on Friday when we got back from recess our Easter baskets were filled with treats!


In reading, we were introduced to our next letter and letter sound, Yy. After watching the letter video, we completed our letter y sorting worksheet. We were also introduced to our new sight word, out. We practiced reading all of our sight words before we completed our sight word worksheet. Next we worked with our new emergent, The Easter Story. Since we need to put the event of Holy Week in order, we decided to listen tot the story The Very First Easter first. It explained what happened to Jesus during his life especially during the last week. We focused on His last three days from the Last Supper until Jesus rose from the dead. Then we colored and cut out 8 small pictures. They each had something to do with Holy Week. As we read each page of the story, we had to glue the picture in the box that matched the words. Our story started on Palm Sunday and went through all of the events of Jesus’ life until Easter morning.

In religion, we reviewed the Stations of the Cross and then we colored the 14th Station: Jesus is Laid in the Tomb.

In math, we worked on collecting and displaying survey data. We started by brainstorming different survey question we could collect information about. Then as a class we picked a question and collected the information from our fellow classmates. Our next step was to organize and represent our data, so everyone can see and understand it. We chose to make a graph of our data. After working as a whole group, we broke up into pairs and repeated the process. We picked a survey question and collected the data. Then we had to organize our data for the class.

We ended our day by making an Easter basket. It is in the shape of a little chick. We had to color the arms, feet, head, and beak according to the example. Then we cut them all out. Finally Ms. Torborg stapled the pieces to a bowl.


In reading, we watched the letter y video, identified several words that began with the /y/, and completed our letter y worksheet. We also listened to 2 different stories, The Easter Bear? and Easter. After each story, we had to determine if it was a fiction or nonfiction story and give reasons why. We determined that The Easter Bear? was a fiction story because animals can’t talk, plant gardens, or go on an Easter egg hunt. And that the story Easter was a nonfiction book because it contained fact that informed us about real things.

In math, we reviewed number bonds. Then we played a new game, Number Bond Addition. We used special dice with the numbers 0 to 5 on them. On our turn, we rolled both dice. We wrote those numbers in the small circles. Next we had to figure out the number for the big circle by adding the two numbers together. Then we it was partner’s turn. Once everyone has their number, we had to compare our “big” numbers. The person with the biggest number had to color in their circle. Then we started all over again. Once all of our number bonds were completed, we had to count how many circles were colored. The person with the most colored circles wins.

In religion, we finished our Stations of the Cross books. First we had to color the last page, Jesus’s Resurrection and the cover. Then Ms. Torborg handed back all of our pages. Once we had all of our pages, we had to put all of our pages in order. This was a little tricky since there wasn’t any page numbers. The final step was having Ms. Torborg bind it together into a book.

In the afternoon, we read the story The Legend of the Easter Egg. We found out that an Easter eggs looks just like the rock that was in front of Jesus’s tomb. It is also a symbol of new life. Our project was to color Easter eggs. We started by drawing a spring or Easter pictures on our eggs with our color crayons. Then we dipped our eggs in the colored dye. We each got to decorate two eggs!


We started our reading time by reading the story, The Easter Bunny’s Assistant. It was a funny book about what happened to Skunk when he got excited. We actually read through the story several times. The first time we heard the story, we listened for content, to be able to retell the story. The second time we heard the story, we tried to identify the different kinds of sentences. We were able to check our answers by looking at the end marks. The third time we listened to the story, we took notice of how big some of the words were written. We figured out that if the words were larger than they needed to be read louder or with more emphasis. The bigger the words, the more emphasis they needed to be read with. After listening to the story so many times, we determined that Skunk wasn’t the best assistant. We decided that maybe we could do a better job, so we filled out a jog application. On the application, we had to answer a bunch of yes or not questions. Then had to answer 3 “writing” questions about why we would be a good assistant. Ms. Torborg will turn our pages into a class book. We also completed a picture for our book. We had to draw a picture/decorate an Easter egg. We had to do our very best work to prove we could do a good job decorating Easter eggs. Finally, we were introduced to our last letter sound and letter Zz. After watching a video and identifying words that began with the /z/, we completed a sorting worksheet.

For religion, we watched a Brother Francis video. Brother Francis took us through the Stations of the Cross. At the end of each station, we prayed an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be with Brother Francis. We followed along with Brother Francis in our Stations of the Cross books that we made.

In math, we worked with number bonds again. First we reviewed all of the ways we have worked with number bonds. Today our lesson was about figuring out how to find the missing number bond if given the big number and one little number. We started with a problem on the board. Together we talked about what we know and what is missing. Then we worked together to figure out the missing information. Then as a group, we tried solving a several problems on our own using a number bond template and counters. Finally we completed a number bond worksheet. We could use our template and counters if we needed to.


We started our morning off with Stations of the Cross. Mrs. Lingen lead us as we listened to what happened at each station and said a short prayer. Today we used our Stations of the Cross books to follow along.

In reading, we worked on sentences. We started by reviewing the different components of a complete sentence. Then we completed a sentence building worksheet. We had to cut out the words at the bottom of the page and arrange them in order to make a sentence. Once the sentence made sense, we had to glue them down and write the sentence down.

This week Easter is the theme. Today we made a “stained glass” cross. We started with a sheet of wax paper. Then we had to take some old crayons and shave them with our scissors. Once our paper was full of shavings, Ms. Torborg put another sheet of wax paper over the top and ironed them together. She was really melting the crayon shavings. Next we had to glue a brown cross on our wax paper. Then when it was dry we cut it out and glued the other one on the back. They were the frame for the front and back of the cross.

During religion, we talked about all of the important events happening this week, Holy Week. We watched a movie about Holy week. It started with Palm Sunday and Jesus’ triumphant ride into Jerusalem all the way to Jesus’ death on the cross and the his resurrection three days later.

Today in math, we work with number stories. First reviewed the different kinds of number stories and how to solve each kind. Then we worked on solving several different number stories. Next we worked on numberless number stories. Ms. Torborg read us a story with the numbers missing. We got to pick the numbers. Then we had to solve the problem with the number we picked. The last thing we did was create our own number story. The key when making a number story is to have a question that someone has to solve.


We started our day by reviewing the letter Zz and completing our letter z worksheet. Then we were off to church. After snack, recess, and Spanish, we gathered outside with the rest of the school. Mrs. Lingen announced how much money we raised for the food shelf. We were able to raise over $1800!

After lunch, we listened to the story, The First Easter, and we completed our calendar binders. Then we were off to library. When we got back to our room, our Easter baskets were filled. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching a Veggie Tales Easter, enjoying our new pens and paper, and a little extra free time.

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