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Ice and Penguins


We started our exploration by testing our mittens. Do our mittens really help keep us warm? We also tested the difference between stretchy gloves and our winter mittens.


Throughout the last two week, we learned a lot of different penguins facts. One of them was that penguins have blubber. We explored what blubber was and how it works.


We also found out that penguins like to slide or toboggan on their bellies. Using an ice cube as our penguin, we explored different inclines or ramps. We also experimented with what happens when there is some sand on the path.


Another fact we learned was that penguins eat fish, krill, and squid, so for snack one day we ate fish. Before we could eat our snack, we had to do a little sorting, graphing, and analyzing of the data.


After learning about all of the different penguin parts, we made a penguin. After gathering all of our supplies, we had to create a penguin with a black and white penguin with a head, body, 2 eyes, 2 flippers, 2 feet, and a beak. Then we got to eat it!

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