February 3-7

February is Dental Health month. This week we learned all about healthy, happy teeth. We started our week with learning about the different kinds of teeth and their jobs. We found out from Dr. Rabbit in the movie the Legend of the Tooth Kingdom the right away to brush our teeth and the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day. We also completed two different writing projects. On the first one, we wrote the step by step directions for brushing your teeth. Our second projects was to complete an application for the job of the Tooth Fairy. We had to answer some important questions like why do you want to be the Tooth Fairy? We ended the week by practicing our brushing and flossing skills.


In reading, we were introduced to a new letter and letter sound, Ll. After listening to our l song, we created a list of words that began with the /l/ and a list of words that ended with the /l/. Then we completed a Ll sorting worksheet. We also listened to the story Groundhogs Get a Say in honor of groundhog’s day yesterday. As we listened to the story, we learned a few interesting facts about groundhogs. In small group, we worked on identifying and building sentences.

February is Dental Health month. This week we are learning about dental health (our teeth and how to take care of them). Today we explored our teeth. We have three different kinds of teeth, incisors, canine, and molars, and each one has a different job. Then we created a model of our teeth to help us see where each kind is located. Next, we read the story, My Bright Smile, I Know What To Do! It helped us identify what we should do to keep our teeth clean and healthy. We each got our own copy to take home. We also read the story Dr. Rabbit and the Tooth Defenders: How It All Started and Chompers: Loose in Tooth City. Then we watched a short movie with the Tooth Defenders. We found out the importance of brushing our teeth and the right way to do it.

In religion, we are focusing on the Our Father. Today we examined the first few lines of the Our Father prayer. When we say “Our Father who art in heaven”, we are talking to our Father or dad (God) who is in heaven. When we say “Hallowed be thy name”, we are saying God’s name is very special and important and should not be said in a bad way. We colored a picture that helps us remember what these words mean.

In Math, we played Roll & Record again. This time we used two dice. We rolled the dice and added the numbers together to figure out what our big number was. Then we had to write the number on our chart. We played until one of the columns on our chart were filled.


In reading, we were introduced to our two new sight words, his & of. Then we read through our new emergent reader, Teeth. We were introduced to singular possessives or ‘s. When we see this symbol, we know that someone owns something. We were able to identify several different items in our room with our name on them and an ‘s. Next Ms. Torborg read us three different books, All About Teeth, Taking Care of My Teeth, and Brushing Teeth. At the beginning of each book was a table of content. This is a clue that the story inside is nonfiction. A table of content helps locate information inside the book.

As we listened to the stories, we were able to list several different facts from the stories, including our different kinds of teeth and how many teeth we have. Then we created another class book. We had to write step by step directions for brushing your teeth. We had to think how we do this simple task and then break it down into 4 steps. After we were done with our words, we illustrated each of the steps.

In religion, we talked about the next part of the Our Father prayer: Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done, On Earth as it is in Heaven. It means that we will try to do what God wants us to do here on earth, just as the angels and saints do what God wants in heaven.

Our math lesson today was Bears on a Bus. We had to figure out all the different combination of red and green bears that could ride on our bus. Our bus (a tens frame) could only had 10 seats and each seat had to be filled each time the bus went on a trip. With a partner, we had to figure out all the different color combinations using two different color bears and a tens frame. We wrote down all of our combinations. When everyone was done, we took some time to compare our answers. We also wrote all of the combinations on the board. We found out that the combinations are called ten pairs. Ms. Torborg tested our ten pairs. She would call out a number and we had to figure out its ten pair.


Today in reading, we examined the job of the tooth fairy. We started by reading the story, What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Our Teeth? We determined that this was a fantasy book. We heard many different ways the tooth fairy might use the teeth they collect. Then we tried to come up with our own ideas of what the tooth fairy might do with our teeth. We also read the story, So You Think It Is Easy Being the Tooth Fairy? We talked about what the tooth fairy has to do and how she does it. Next, we applied for the job of the tooth fairy. We had to write about why would you be a good tooth fairy. We are going to combine them with our tooth fairies from yesterday and hang them up in the hallway.

During religion, we completed our Olweus lesson. Today we focused on listening. Ms. Torborg read us a story. It was a very funny story, Little Blue Riding Hood, similar to the familiar story Little Red Riding Hood. We couldn’t say anything as she was reading. When we were done, we tried to list all of the changes she made.

In religion, we continued talking about the Our Father prayer. When we pray “Give us this day our daily bread”, we aren’t just asking for bread or food. God said we should talk to him about all of our needs, big and small. Today we colored the 3rd part of the Our Father prayer.

In math, we reviewed all of our shapes. Then we worked on identified different shapes in pictures. We had to locate different shapes and then draw them. Next, we went on a shape hunt. We tried to identify different shapes around our room. We recorded our data on a piece of paper and then shared it with a friend. Finally, we played monster squeeze with a number line from 0 to 20.

We also completed an art project today. We made a tooth fairy. Some parts of our fairy we had to just cut out and other parts we had to trace before we could cut them out. There were even a couple of pieces we had to create all on our own. Once everything was cut out, we had to put it together on our own without looking at a picture. We added them to our writing project from this morning.


In reading, we listened to the story, What If You Had Animal Teeth? We had fun imagining what it would be like to have teeth like different animals. We also learned a few facts about each of the animals. In small group, we worked on encoding CVC words. We used play-do to create the letters to each word we wanted to spell. We ended with a worksheet. We had to identify each picture by writing its name on the line. We had to word bank to help us figure out the pictures.

In religion, we talked about two saints, St. Benedict and St. Scholastica. They were twins who both loved God very much. St. Scholastica founded a monastery for nuns and St. Benedict founded several monasteries for monks. St. Scholastica is the patron saint of nuns and her feast day is February 10th. St. Benedict is the patron saint of students and his feast day is July 11. We also continued exploring the Our Father by talking about the 4th part. “And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who trespass against us”. We decided that another name for trespass could be sin. We need to ask for forgiveness to those people when we do something wrong and we need to forgive people when something wrong is done to us. We colored our 4th picture.

Our math lesson today was about story problems. Today we identified a new kind of story, Some Some Went Away. In this kind of story, we started with some and then some go away in some way. We completed several different problems. We always start each problem by identifying what kind of story it (Some, Some More or Some, Some Went Away). Next, we drew our picture. We started with drawing how many they started with. Then we crossed off how many “went away”. Finally we could answer the question and write our answer.

This week we have been talking about healthy teeth. Today we put some of our knowledge to the test with a little experiment. We taste tested different kinds of toothpaste. We tried 4 different store bought flavors- mint, sparkle fun, bubble berry, and bubble gum. After each new flavor we made a graph of the kind we liked best. Bubble gum flavored won out hands down. After experimenting with toothpaste, we practiced flossing. We pretended our fingers were our teeth. One person had “plaque” all over their hands (shaving cream). Their partner used a string to get rid of the plaque. Then we switched spots.


In reading, we listened to the story, Moose’s Loose Tooth. As we listened, we made several predictions about the story. At the end, we identified the characters including the main character, the setting, and recalled details from the beginning, middle, and end of the story. We also met with Ms. Torborg, so she could check our ball word progress. Next, we recalled different fact we learned this week about Dental Health and our teeth. It is amazing all the different facts we know about our teeth. Then Ms. Torborg gave us a bag full of dental health goodies. We ended with the video Dudley Visits the Dentist. It was exciting to learn about all the different tools the dentists use to check and clean our teeth.

In religion, we finished our Our Father books by coloring the last page. “And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” We defined the word temptation and we talked about what it means. In our picture, we noticed right away the image of the snake and apple. We were reminded of the story of Adam and Eve. After all of the pages were colored, we stapled them together.

After library, we spent some time working with the BeeBots. Last time, we practiced just putting code into the BeeBot. Today, we had a task to do. Bee had to go from his house to the flower. First, we had to lay out our code with arrows and turn. Then we entered the code into the bee and checked to see if we were right. Once we had mastered that, we tried to figure out a new way to get to the flower.